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I am so grateful to have such amazing followers. I’ve noticed a lot of you also blog about your own long distance relationship experience. If you’re looking to connect with more LDR bloggers please consider joining the Long Distance Relationship Blogging Network (LDRBN) created by LDR Magazine.

Since its start earlier this year, the LDRBN has grown from just a handful of bloggers to a community representing over 60 long distance couples! I started my blog as a casual way to release my feelings an insecurities at the beginning of my LDR, but this network has helped me get so much more from blogging.

Still not sold? These are my top 4 reasons you should join LDRBN:

FRIENDS. The people I’ve met through LDRBN are some of the greatest people I have ever met. It’s really awesome to login and have messages from people all over the world. Everyone is incredibly inspiring and supportive of each other. I even have lots of new connections on Instagram and Twitter!

BLOG IMPROVEMENTS. Looking to improve your blogging skills? LDRBN offers lots of resources and posts to help improve your blog. The community leaders and other members are always willing to offer advice on technical issues or suggestions on blog layouts. The community is filled with some of the best people to help you create your perfect blog.

UNIQUE EXPERIENCES. Looking for some extra cash? I recently won $100 through LDRBN from a raffle! I am also very excited for a new feature starting soon…Campaigns. LDRBN is always thinking of really awesome ways to encourage an active community.

IT’S FREE. No purchase necessary, even for contests! You earn points for participating within the network: writing blog posts, asking questions in the forums, and commenting on other blogs. Everything is free!

If any of you are interested in learning more about LDRBN please check it out here:

I’ll see you there!


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