38-Hour Journey Across the World

About a month ago, Jay underwent a hernia repair surgery in Australia. I was not only nervous for the procedure, but I was also a little upset because he was supposed to fly in for my brother’s wedding a couple of days later. His flight was postponed, but I was worried he wouldn’t be well enough to make the long trek to see me.

Luckily, everything went better than I expected! Jay’s recovery was very fast and he was committed to coming to the wedding. It took him about 38 hours to get here (there were two layovers involved) and he arrived two nights before the wedding…I couldn’t have been happier that day!

The visit was pretty short, a little over a week. But we made the most out of our time together. We spent the first night together baking brownies and watching Big Hero 6 (for the record, I absolutely love animated movies but I was extremely disappointed by this one….but that’s another story). The next morning we did some last minute shopping for wedding essentials: wrapping paper, a card, the pinata. Then we spent three hours traveling to the hotel and were off to the rehearsal!

The next day was wedding day! I felt bad leaving Jay to go to the hair salon. It felt like I was cheating on him in a way. He had finally come back to visit me and I just skipped off to go get pretty, haha! As soon as I saw him again though it was all worth it. He kept complimenting me on how good I looked and making me feel really special. We were both very exhausted that day (him from traveling across the world and me from working extra hours before he got here), but it was a wonderful wedding and I couldn’t have wished for a better date!

The rest of the visit was just as enjoyable as the first few days. Sadly, I still had to work so I couldn’t be around Jay all the time. He did pick me up for lunch every day which was a great break from work and then he picked me up to go home. We tried to pack his visit with as many activities as possible. He came with me to bar trivia with my coworkers, we went to an outdoor concert with friends, cooked a romantic steak dinner, went to New York City for a day, and even painted our own canvases! I got a viral infection a few days before Jay left, but we still had an awesome time hanging out at home and cuddling.

Our canvases: Jay painted the rhino and I painted the bear!

When Jay left, he went to his “new” home in the Netherlands. I miss him already, but I cherish all of the times we spend together on visits. I’m looking forward to hearing all about his new adventures!

Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Visits


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