Don’t Break Yo’ Wallet: Affording a Long Distance Relationship

Struggling for cash but you really want to plan a visit? Well luckily you can plan an awesome visit for less than you may have thought. Check out this post with awesome money-saving tips and tricks for your next visit:

Christina Michelle Speaks

It’s no secret that every relationship has its unique challenges. In long distance relationships (LDR), we often rave about the heartache, the tear filled good-byes, and how bad internet connections put a damper on communication. But one thing that’s not talked about as much is…the COST! Planes, trains, buses, boats, teleportation, however you travel to see your boo, it can all start to add up and cost a pretty penny. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 1 year and 8 months, and we have been long distant the whole time. With me working in LA, and him attending Seminary in Chicago, we’ve had to learn how to make our relationship exciting, passionate, and AFFORDABLE.

No matter where you live, every couple has to have “the talk;” that conversation, where you both lower your guards, openly discus your feelings, and attempt to define the relationship. As a long distance…

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