To the Tune of a Distant Beat


As part of my blogging community, I was challenged to find my “top ten” songs where the title describes my relationship! It’s like a different version of the game where you hold a conversation solely in song titles. Well, I am pretty awful at some titles, artist names, and even song lyrics so I cheated a little bit and scrolled through my iPod music (I hope you accept that I cheated). Below you’ll find the ten song titles that describe my LDR with Jay, each with a short explanation. I hope you enjoy

1. You Used to Hold Me – As soon as I saw this song I knew it would make the list. My relationship with Jay didn’t start as a LDR. In fact, we were together for more than two years when he moved away! He used to hold me…

2. Always in My Head – I don’t think I’m alone on this one. Every day, Jay is running through my mind. Whether we’re chatting or he’s sleeping or I’m out with friends…he is always in my thoughts!

3. Anything But Ordinary – LDRs don’t follow the rules of a “normal” relationship, but I consider my LDR to be a little more abnormal than others. The first year of the distance was USA to Australia and now we’re USA to The Netherlands for a year (unless I can move there within this year, fingers crossed). Nothing about our relationship is ordinary.

4. Comin’ to Your City – I wish I played this song for Jay when I bought my ticket to Australia. One of the coolest things about LDRs is that, provided you have the time and money, you can visit new places.

5. Dancing With Myself – The amount of family functions I’ve attended or social gatherings I’ve gone too without Jay this past year is a little high for my liking. I’m always the one (not usually dancing) by herself

6. Here Without You – On a similar note, when I see our mutual friends or go to a place that Jay and I used to visit, I always feel a little sad being there without him.

7. Internet Friends – Sometimes I feel like LDR couples are just glorified internet friends, haha! We rely on Facebook Messenger, Skype, and anything else that works over Wifi.

8. Keep Holding On – LDRs can be tough and sometimes I feel like I’m just dangling there. Jay and I look to each other for encouragement to “keep holding on” because we know all of the struggles will be worth it when we are finally together again.

9. Little Moments – People in LDRs are extraordinary because they don’t take any time together for granted. Every shared moment is special, no matter how small.

10. Waiting for the End – Aren’t we all? What I would give to fast forward to a time when Jay and I are together and we aren’t long distance. Someday….

There you have the top ten songs describing my LDR. I challenge you to this game. What song titles describe your relationship?

Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Top Ten


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