Making Moves


Since Jay left to embark on his new adventure in Holland my mind has been racing with possibilities for the future. I’ve lived in the USA my whole 22 years of life, but once I traveled internationally for the first time I fell in love with other countries and cultures. Jay has been fortunate enough to live in 3 different countries and travel to many others. Now he’s back in his home country and he is already loving it there. So I’ve been thinking…what if I go there too?

We’ve talked about this before and I was seriously thinking about it for a while before convincing myself against it. But now that he’s there it all seems a little more appealing to me. If I’m going to ever live in another country than this is the perfect opportunity. Right now there are so many things pulling me towards Holland…

Closing the Distance: Obviously this is a HUGE plus for us. We’ve only been long distance for a year, but we both really miss each other. Living together would be a huge step in our relationship, but we are both ready for it. We’ve dated for over three years and have an incredible connection, even when we’re apart…imagine how strong it would be when we’re together!

International Experience: I grew up in a very small town in CT with little-to-no diversity. I’m sure some people from my hometown have never left the state. So when I went to orientation for university and met Jay I was a little baffled that he was from Europe. I fell in love with his culture and hearing about his trips to other countries. Since then, I’ve always loved the idea of international businesses. I’m really hoping to work internationally or at least interact with businesses from other countries.

The Other International Experience: Living in another country used to seem like a complete fairytale, but now it feels real. I visited Holland a year and a half ago for about 5 days total and really enjoyed my time there. Now that Jay moved back I can really picture myself riding a bike around town, eating Hagelslag, and taking a stroll by the canals. There’s something very “homey” about Holland and I would love the opportunity to make it my home.

Of course a lot of factors go into a decision like this, but right now I’m starting the process. Jay’s move really inspired me to think more seriously about my future and our future together. With a little dedication and some luck hopefully I’ll be packing my bags and heading to join him soon in my new home….wish me luck!

Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Defining Moment


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