A Guest Post: How To…Deal When You Miss Your SO

IMG_0554*ATTENTION READERS: This is an amazing guest post by a fellow LDRBN member, Kristine. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Loving someone is hard. I’ll rephrase it, loving someone across the ocean or someone who is a thousand miles away from you is hard. The struggle of adjusting to different time, work schedules or sometimes even the communication itself.

I’m Kristine and I am in a long distance relationship for over a year now. We struggle 12-hour time difference and mostly his busy schedules. To begin with, I am most likely in a long distance relationship with J for almost one year, and in love with him for over five years. How does that happen?

Our first try of a LDR failed. It only lasted for a month and we never had any communications. I wasn’t into video calls and skype because I was too shy to express myself on how I feel with him in front of my parents. Silly right? It took us three years for us to communicate again. It took us three years of waiting and hoping that the LOVE we shared before is still there.

I will tell you one thing or maybe few things. What helped me in my own way to surpass the loneliness, endless nights of crying and endless times of crying over a music he dedicated…

First: prayer. This might be for me, or for some too. I always pray to God to give me bountiful strength and guide me to be strong. I sometimes cry, but never have I had loosen hope.

Second: family. Spending time with family that time was the priceless solution to any problems I had.

Third: hobby. I took time to spend more time with my family and with the things I love to do. And what helped me was to express my thoughts through blogging or writing. Sharing someone over the web about your problems might have actually helped me because: A) they will never judge you as they don’t really know the whole story – your story; and B) you gain someone who you can  talk with that actually responds to your input.

These are some of the things I have done in the past to overcome loneliness and somewhat the pain of being away with the person you truly love.

And this present time, I still actually do these things not because I am lonely or what, but because I am happy. You don’t stop doing the things you love because someone is away from you or you miss someone or you are lonely. Use these things to be your escape or to loosen up your mind to things that have been bothering you.

Long distance is hard, it requires a lot of trust, patience and understanding.

But losing and giving up the person who makes the best in you, the person who makes you smile and inspires you, the person whom you call your life and the person whom you are today is the hardest thing.

So one advice: if you love that person but life hits you with stones, that is your signal to be strong and protect yourself from harm. You don’t want to lose that person. So either you give up or lose the best person you have ever met. Those stones might hit you hard right now but then again, one day – one day you will look up to that stones and you both realise how strong you were and how that stones made you stronger.

**A special thanks to Kristine for writing this amazing post. You can check out more amazing posts on her blog here.

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