The Other Four Letter Word

Australia Vacation 509

I often see stories in the news about people being found alive against all odds in a pile of rubble from a collapsed building. Or the people who survive floods by clinging to the highest thing they can climb in the area, holding on for dear life. But what actually keeps them fighting? I truly believe that hope has a lot to do with it. Hope can drive people do act almost superhuman, strengthening their mentality at encouraging them to keep fighting.

Hope is a driving force in many peoples’ lives, especially those in long distance relationships. When your support system crumbles and you’re left to stumble alone against the struggles of your LDR it seems so easy to give up, except that you’re never truly alone. You have two amazing built-in support groups deep inside of you, love and hope. Love is an insanely powerful emotion and anyone whose experienced it doesn’t need a reminder of that….but hope is often an underappreciated emotion.

Whether it’s my own personal dream or a wish I have for the greater good, I’m always thinking about what life “could be” like in a few years. Everyone has dreams and aspirations, but LDR couples always seem to have a few extra. Many couples hope to meet each other in person, others hope for a visit or two, and I think all of them hope to close the distance. Sometimes these hopes don’t come true (at least not for a while), but they still introduce some positive light onto the situation.

There are several hopes that I have for the future, many of which involve Jay. Here are my top 3 LDR-related HOPEs:

HOPE for a new job. This is the main goal in my life right now. I am tightening up my LinkedIn profile and editing my résumé in the hope of finding a job with more room for personal growth. I’m starting my search in the Netherlands which leads me to my next point…

HOPE to live with Jay. I want to close the distance this year. I’m hoping to get a job in Rotterdam so I can move in with him. I think it would be so wonderful to experience Dutch culture firsthand and to have Jay as my guide.

HOPE to travel. I fell in love with traveling once I got old enough to decide my own trips. I’ve been to Ireland, the Bahamas, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Australia internationally as well as many places within the USA. Jay toured me around the Netherlands, we both explored Portugal for the first time, and recently we wandered around Australia together. I have become quite addicted to traveling and really hope that I can travel more with Jay in the future….there are so many place to see!

These aspirations are what keeps me going in my LDR. At times the distance can really get to me, but once I think about the connection we share and all of our (I know he has some of his own too) hopes for the future my concerns seem to wash away. All because of hope…the other four letter word.

Inspired by the LDRBN Writing Prompt: Hopes


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