Review: Leafcutter Designs Tiny Mail Kit

Shout out to Devin for this really awesome note! I love the stationery and it made me even more excited (is that even possible???) to open my package from Leafcutter Designs!

When I came home from work and found a package from Leafcutter Designs in the mailbox I could hardly contain my excitement! I have been anxiously waiting this day ever since LDRBN announced they were running their first campaign. I couldn’t wait to get started creating some “tiny mail” to send to Jay! 

First Impression: Wow. I was speechless when I opened the package. I didn’t realize how generous Leafcutter Designs was going to be with our campaign. They sent each of us involved a Tiny Mail Kit…for FREE.  I was a little overwhelmed with all of the little tiny pieces!

Opened up my awesome Tiny Mail Kit!!! I can’t wait to see what’s inside 🙂

The Contents: I didn’t even know where to start. I just stared at the box in awe for 5 minutes. There are so many materials inside the kit! When unpacking the goods I found: 3 sets of tiny envelopes, 3 sets of tiny tri-fold paper, 6 small boxes for packages, two ink pads, 3 small rubber stamps, 2 sheets of “stamps”, 4 sheets of other stickers, a super fine point pen, six sheets of brown paper packaging, 6 sheets of The Small Times newspaper, 6 pieces of string, and a magnifying glass.

Let’s take a closer look!

The kit comes with 3 sets of tiny envelopes and 3 sets of tri-fold papers. I have really small hands and I can hold all 6 items in one!

One of my favorite parts of this kit is the tri-fold paper. I know that seems rather silly, but I have trouble folding regular sized paper into three equal sections so I can’t even begin to imagine the struggle of folding these tiny pages! Luckily they all come with folding guidelines for really simple folding. The envelopes are also very easy to assemble and you can seal them with the small stickers!

I love all of the tiny stickers! Snail stamps, heart stamps, “FRAGILE, TINY, HANDLE WITH CARE” stickers, “THIS SIDE UP” stickers, and more!
My teeny tiny envelope sealed with a heart ❤

The kit also includes some really awesome mini rubber stamps. There’s one that looks like a tiny postal mark from the post office. Another says “VIA AIR MAIL” and the last one says “SPECIAL DELIVERY.” These all come in a small clear plastic box so you won’t lost them. One of the best things about them is that you can reuse them on other things, not just tiny mail! The kit also comes with two small ink pads, one black and one red. The longer stamps fit perfectly on the pad and the ink comes out great!

SPECIAL DELIVERY via snail mail!
The stamps and ink pads 🙂

But wait, there’s more! The kit also came with a 0.20 mm point black ink pen for easy writing on tiny paper, 6 brown paper for wrapping packages, 6 pieces of string, and 6 copies of The Small Times newspaper. The newspaper comes with a crossword puzzle and some really cute articles. One of my favorites is the Classified ad for a needle in a haystack! Having trouble reading the paper? Not to worry! The kit also comes with a handy little magnifying glass to make your tiny mail easier to read. I also found some bonus stickers hidden underneath the small boxes and some frosty clear envelopes. There were so many surprises!

Brown paper for packages (see the 6 boxes in the kit), newspapers for wrapping the inside of packages, and a fine point pen.
Testing my magnifying glass out on some bonus stickers!

My Tiny Mail: Jay’s birthday is coming up and I haven’t had much luck with present shopping. He’s allowing me an IOU so I can send him a package a little late. I wrote a tiny letter for him so I can add it to his birthday package! I LOVE the tri-fold paper and the tiny stamp stickers.


I also made an origami elephant from a $10 bill. Jay has been collecting banknotes from different countries he visits and he somehow missed out on the USD. As part of his present I wanted to add one more bank note to his collection!

My tiny origami elephant and tiny letter in my tiny package….so much tiny!
The finished package…all wrapped up and ready delivery!

I’m going to add this tiny package into a bigger package when I send Jay his belated present. He loves opening packages so I’m sure he’s going to love opening this extra one, even though it’s super tiny!

Reaction: Every item in this kit is of such high quality! The paper and envelopes are thick, the boxes are sturdy, the ink pads are rich and vibrant, and everything is so detailed! What I love most is how customizable the mail is. There are several different options for envelopes and paper…the tiny possibilities are endless! Leafcutter Designs makes it really easy to make some wonderful tiny mail. They thought of everything!

Suggestions: My only wish is that the kit included tiny greeting cards. I would absolutely love to design a tiny card and send one for Jay’s birthday. Other than that, everything was perfect. I loved putting my tiny mail together and I can’t wait to use the kit for more future mail!

Thanks: Special thanks to LDR Magazine, LDRBN, and Leafcutter Designs for this wonderful campaign. From the anticipation of my Tiny Mail Kit to sending tiny mail overseas, this has been a blast! Thank you for enabling me to try this wonderful product for free.

Want to learn more about Leafcutter Designs? You can buy your own Tiny Mail Kit and use the code “LDRVIP 10” at checkout for 10% of your order!!!


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