My Monthly Three: September Edition

Australia Vacation 352

It’s that time again…each month I strive to complete 3 personal goals. First let’s see how many of my goals I accomplished in August!

My first goal was to collaborate with another blogger, check! I teamed up with Kristine to design a guest piece for her blog and share her guest post on mine. This was such a great experience. Not only did I get to share the advice of another LDR blogger, but I learned so much about her too. We even completed a LDR-based survey for a potential future collaboration post!

Second I wanted to study for my actuarial exams. Shortly after writing that post I changed my mind on this goal. I really do want to better myself and expand on my knowledge, but I have since realized something I want more…I would love a different job. Ideally this will be in the Netherlands so I can move there with Jay (scary stuff, aaaah), but I wouldn’t mind living in the USA. As long as I have a chance to grow within the company I’ll be a happy person! So this past month I updated my LinkedIn profile and edited my resume. Jay’s dad offered to take a look at it for me so hopefully after that I can buckle down in the job search!

Lastly, I wanted to write letters to Jay. Since my post I have written two letters to him (he just got the second one today) and he is about to send me a second one! I love the old-fashioned feel to writing letters and reaching into my mailbox to find something from Jay always brightens my day.

Enough about August, it’s September now! Here are my top 3 goals for this coming month and they’re all about staying healthy:

Drink More Milk. A couple months ago I made it a goal to drink more water. Lately my legs have been a little more achey when I run and my teeth feel more sensitive. I think this has something to do with my lack of calcium intake. When I was younger I drank milk everyday, but now it’s a rare occurrence. My goal for September is to start drinking milk again, preferably one glass a day.

Eat Healthier. Yesterday I looked at multivitamins because I know I fall short when it comes to eating a balanced diet. I was appalled by the cost of them and not overly impressed with their contents. Hopefully I can start eating healthier (it’s been going well the past two days, haha) and this will help me feel better overall as well!

Sleep Smarter. I don’t necessarily want to sleep more (although some nights I probably need it), but I want to be a smarter sleeper. It often takes a long time for me to fall asleep so I end up browsing the interwebs. Falling asleep next to a bright screen is not ideal and I can tell that my eyes and sleep are affected by it. I’m hoping to ditch the technology before getting into bed so I can have better quality sleep.

**BONUS GOAL: One of my goals in July was to beat my half marathon time from last year. Well, my race is coming up on the 19th!!! We’ll see if I can cross the finish line!

Do you feel the healthiest and happiest that you can be? What goals do you have to help better yourself? I’d love to hear them!

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