Cake Knows No Distance


Yesterday was Jay’s birthday. It was his 4th since we’ve began dating and the 2nd where we weren’t able to be together. I wanted so badly to hop on a plane to the Netherlands and give him a giant hug, but I have bills to pay and a job that wouldn’t appreciate my little hiatus….so instead I opted to leave work a little early (my job is somewhat flexible with hours) for a Skype birthday celebration!

year we had come up with our LDR birthday tradition…I buy a small cake, he gets a small cake, and we nom that cake “together” while video chatting! So during the day I stopped by a local gourmet foods supermarket to treat myself to some extra special birthday cake. I’m not actually a big fan of real cake, so I found a really awesome little chocolate mousse cake instead, yummmm!

Well unfortunately for me, working is picking up. Busy season is approaching quickly and often times I’ll be working on one thing and next thing I know it’s 5pm! Sadly, yesterday was one of these days. I had planned to leave a little before 4 to ensure we had ample time to spend Skyping before the birthday boy went to bed (or before midnight hit and he wasn’t a birthday boy anymore), but the work piled up and I left 45 minutes behind schedule.

Luckily, Jay was still awake when I got home and there was still one hour left of his birthday in Holland (which is where it really counts because he was born there)! I think I spent the first 5 minutes of Skype just scream-singing “happy birthday” in silly voices with a goofy smile on my face. I was just so happy to see him!

His mom is currently staying with him because she didn’t want him to be alone for his birthday (super sweet of her), but that means he can’t actually talk on Skype. So he puts in headphones and I talk freely while he types back to me. My favorite part of Skyping like this is hearing the occasional stifled giggle.

We talked a little about his day (it was his not only his birthday, but also the first official day of his master’s program) before breaking out the cake. It was pretty funny and a little awkward at first because we didn’t really know how to start eating…we both felt a little on display. But soon enough my stomach gave in and I took the first bite!

After our cake we chatted for almost an hour. It was really nice just chatting about my day and reading Jay’s responses about his day. The stresses of work all melted away as soon as I saw his face and I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time we talked to one another.

Most “normal” couples celebrate out at the bar, out to dinner, or in a casino….but not us. We stay at home eating cake “together” over Skype and just talking about our day. I find that I appreciate the little things a lot more since I’ve been in my LDR and it is such a wonderful feeling.

How do you and your SO celebrate special occasions across the distance?

*I also sent Jay a package with some awesome tiny mail and this really cool book he can use as a coffee table book!

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