LDR Visits: 5 Tips for Packing (Outfit Edition)

This is a flat lay (my first ever one actually!!!) of one of the outfits I wore in Australia while visiting Jay. Its was comfy and casual, but still a nice put-together look. Australia was just about to go into Winter, but it was still much warmer than the US at the time. I opted for a light sweater and some white shorts along with my Dutch sneakers (I love the HUB brand) and a cross-body bag! Practical, comfy, and cute 🙂

Visiting your SO in their home state/country is always exciting, especially if it’s your first time visiting them there. With all of the excitement you want to make sure you remember everything for your suitcase without packing too much! But where do you draw the line? How do you decide between this dress and this really versatile, cute outfit? And don’t even get me started on the shoes….

When you start packing for your visit there are a few things to really keep in mind.

First, you need a suitcase. If you’re like me, and just moved out on your own, you might not own one. I spent weeks scouring internet reviews and visiting stores before purchasing my first ever suitcase! There are a lot of things to keep in mind when buying one.

  • Size: It’s important to think of airplane regulations when you choose a suitcase. I like to keep my suitcase slightly above the carry-on size to help limit useless packing, but if you must bring 5 pairs of shoes you should probably buy one a little bigger. Just keep in mind that you have to maneuver it through the airports and you don’t want it to exceed the weight limit.
  • Structure: Hard case, soft case, duffel. There are so many different types of suitcases to choose from! If you plan on bringing some fragile items you might opt for the hard case (just make sure you invest in a luggage strap in case the one zipper fails during travel), but if you’re looking to fit odd shaped items in your bag a duffel may be the way to go. I chose a hard case/duffel hybrid for mind so I would have some structure, with a lot more flexibility!
  • Wheels: This is something people often don’t look at too closely, but I am very picky with wheels. Those swivel wheels seem cool, but they can also break off very easily…you really need to make sure they won’t snap off when being loaded on and off the plane!

Next you need to ask about the climate. It’s important to know what you’re destination will be…is it hot during the day, but cool at night? Are they prone to rainstorms? Make sure you’re prepared for the elements. I always like to bring a couple sweaters even if the weather is supposed to be warm because sometimes I like to snuggle into one on the plane. Otherwise I try and stick to the predicted weather.

What activities will you be doing? Are you going to the beach or spending a lot of time adventuring outdoors? It’s important to know what types of activities you’ll be doing so you can pack the appropriate outfits! Make sure you pack versatile items. I like to bring 3 or 4 everyday bottoms (shorts/pants) and a couple comfy ones. Then I find tops that can layer with each other or be worn on their own AND can go with multiple of the bottoms I packed as well!

Limit your shoes. I’m talking to you, ladies! I like to pack one pair of fitness shoes/sneakers in case we go hiking or I want to go for a run. Then I pack one pair of standard flip flops for quick and easy footwear, one pair of fashionable sneakers (I’m talking to you, Converse) for regular exploring, and then one sort of dressy shoe (usually sandals or flats because they take up less space) for fancy dinners or dates.

When it comes to clothing and shoes keep in mind that your SO usually sees you on a computer screen, probably with sleepy eyes and a head on your pillow! They will be so happy to see you that they don’t care if you’re wearing a fancy outfit. As long as you’re there to look at and hold they don’t care about much else. So make sure you pack for your activities and the weather instead of trying to impress your SO. They’re already impressed that you made the journey to see them!

Think practicality when packing for a visit with your long distance SO:

  1. Make sure you have a suitcase that suits you.
  2. Choose clothing based on the climate and anticipated weather conditions.
  3. Pick outfits based on your planned activities.
  4. Limit your shoe collection.
  5. Keep it simple and practical.

Check back soon for more tips on packing


3 thoughts on “LDR Visits: 5 Tips for Packing (Outfit Edition)

  1. Omg… the shoes part. I just can’t pick 5!! It’s so hard! hahaha. I don’t have that many shoes but it’s too much to bring all of them with me, so i don’t know what to do. I travel on Saturday to see my boyfriend in the US and this post came in a very good time, I was just packing now haha!


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