Packing: Time and Space Savers


Visiting your SO is such an awesome experience, especially if you haven’t been to their home before. With all of this excitement you might forget to pack your toothbrush or you can’t squeeze all of your belongings into the suitcase. Aaaaaaaah, what now? Take a step back and take a big breath. If you make a simple plan for packing, you’ll be shocked by how much space and time you can save (and then you’ll have extra time for planning activities on your upcoming trip).

Short on time? 

Make a List. Plan out the items you need to bring based on activities you’re planning, the climate, and your personal style (because you have to show a little flair when you visit). Narrow down the number you need of each item depending on the length of your trip and whether or not you have access to a washing machine.

Plan Your Outfits. It’s a good idea to make a list of outfits before you begin packing. Try and use one article of clothing for multiple outfits. For instance, one pair of jeans that can be worn with a few different tops. Or one top that can be worn with a pair of shorts and a pair of pants. Once you plan them out it will be much easier to avoid the temptation of packing extra.

Airplane Outfits. Make sure you have a few layers for the airplane (especially if it’s a long flight). Planes aren’t comfortable and an uncomfortable outfit will make for an ever more horrible experience.

Toiletries. Make sure you have a list of toiletries and medication to bring with you. Nobody likes a smelly, fidgety SO visiting them ;). If you are worried about the suitcase weight you can buy travel sized toiletries or even wait until you’re in your destination to purchase some. You can also pack some tissues, Advil (or other ibuprofen), and some cold medicine or Emergen-C to improve your chances of staying healthy during travel.

**The most important thing to remember is medication and a toothbrush (especially long travel time). Just a small tip: keep your medication in your carry-on to make sure you can keep an eye on it. That is the last thing you want to go missing in your luggage!

Pack multiple tops with one pair of pants to save on space!

Need more space? 

Start with the shoes. If you’re like me, you love shoes. Trying to limit yourself on shoes can be a complete disaster. But if you end up with a lot of shoes (I usually limit myself to 3 pairs) then you might not have to worry too much. I always stuff my socks and panties or tank tops inside my shoes to save space. If you have small items (like a souvenir) you can store them in shoes as well.

Roll it up. Rolling your shirts and pants is an awesome space saver. It really helps compress your clothes and if you roll them well they come out of your suitcase without big creases or folds. It can also be easier to find places for them in your bag….think Tetris. And if you have fragile items you can simply place them in the middle of your clothing roll so it has some nice padding around it.

Toiletries. As I mentioned above, you can save time by purchasing some toiletries at your destination. If you can survive without big bottles of shampoo you can invest in some small bottles to add your own to or buy the travel size versions of your products. Try to keep hair products and makeup to a minimum and consolidate toiletries into a small bag.

Leave some wiggle room. Who doesn’t love a good souvenir? Make sure you don’t pack too tightly so you can’t afford to fit anything extra on the way back (unless you have some presents for your SO that you’ll be leaving with them). You should always have a little extra space in case you bring mementos back with you.

Short on time? Tight on space? No problem! Take your time to read my tips and tricks for stress-free and efficient packing. 🙂


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