New Changes Upcoming

Hello my lovely readers!

I know many of you have noticed my blog has gone through a lot of changes in the last couple of months. I’m incredibly grateful for all of you who stayed here through my transition and I wanted to let you know…it’s not over yet! I am currently debating a name change.

When I recently created a page for my blog on Facebook I tried promoting it with some ads. I kept receiving a response from the Facebook Ad Management team saying that they were not allowing any new dating sites to promote using their ads. At first I was really annoyed because my blog is clearly not a dating site! After the third message I started to think about it a little more and realized how my blog name could be misunderstood as the name of a dating site, oops.

In an effort to avoid further confusion and hopefully attract more readers (and not confuse people looking for a dating site), I am trying to create a new blog name. Please hang tight while my site goes through its name makeover. I hope to have a new name picked out within a week. Check back soon to see the transformation!

As always, thank you for being such amazing supporters. I hope you stick with me for this next chapter of my blog and I look forward to seeing you on here again soon!



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