My Monthly Three: October Edition


Well it’s that time of the month again…GOAL DAY! This is the day where I recap the goals of last month and create three new goals for this month. Let’s see how I did, shall we?

September Recap

Drink More Milk: Well, I really wanted to start drinking more milk for calcium. I may not be drinking milk every day, but I did make progress. I now drink milk more frequently and waste less milk when it’s time to throw away the carton! Hopefully I can work my way up to drinking even more milk soon.

Eat Healthier: I was really lucky because Jay has this same goal. With him being more self-aware of his health it is easier for me to keep my own health in mind. I’ve been buying more vegetables and less cheese (gasp!). I also cut more artificial flavors and sugars out of my diet while introducing more natural foods to the mix. It is also a process, but I’m working towards a healthier lifestyle!

Sleep Smarter:Β My sleeping pattern has been very hectic as of late. I’ve always struggled with sleep. I’m envious of those people that lie down for one second and are asleep immediately thereafter. Some nights I still drag my laptop to my bed, but I’ve been a lot better with my sleeping. I try to limit technology use before bed and I’ve been really good about going to bed earlier! Another thing that will take time, but I’m on the road to a less sleepy me πŸ™‚

Not my best month, but I’m on the road to a healthier, less sleepy, and stronger-boned me!

***July Goal Update – Remember that half-marathon I was running? Well, I did it! I didn’t beat my time from last year and I felt pretty crappy during the race (I almost gave up when my orthotics started bothering me after 3 miles, but I just took them out and carried them for the other 10 miles), but

October Goals:

Drink Less Alcohol: I’m not a big partier, but I like to go out with my friends. As stupid as it sounds, I never realized how much alcohol influences weight gain. If I’m making lifestyle changes to a healthier me I think cutting back on alcohol is an important step.

Eat Out Less: I need to be healthier and spend less money. Going out to restaurants not only increases my calorie intake, it also decreases my already tiny bank account. I need to budget better and eat healthier!

Read More Books: I semi-recently finished the first Game of Thrones book and it really reminded me how much I love reading. Sadly, I’m going at a one-book-per-year pace. I really want to read more books! And hey, if reading more means I stay in more than I’ll save money and drink less while reading more! Win, win, win!

I hope you’ll help support me through this month’s goals! I’d love to hear all about your own goals. Did you have a goal that you finally completed? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never fully accomplished? I want to hear about it!

BONUS LDRBN GOAL: Interview another LDRBN member and write a collaborative post that way. I am really excited for this πŸ™‚


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