Don’t Burn Bridges

When someone disagrees with your decision to be in a LDR or disapproves of your relationship it can be difficult to see eye-to-eye with them. Some people will tell you to remove all negativity from your life, stop being friends with the haters, and cut disapproving people out of your life. While I don’t condone having negative relations with people, I don’t think you should start cutting all of your ties with a person at the first sign of opposition to your LDR. I think it’s best to avoid talking to them about the subject to try and maintain a positive relationship with that person. Check out Sarah’s insight on the subject here:

I feel like the LDR Community constantly promotes cutting those that don’t agree with our long distance relationships out of our lives. This is really confusing to me for so many reasons.

Nobody will ever agree with you 100%, whether it’s about your relationship, your favorite book, the outfit you wore today, or whether or not guns should be legal. People always disagree, and very few people feel 100% the same way about things that you do. So, why should you cut friends and family out of your life just becausethey don’t agree with you? Now, of course if it’s deeper than that and they are just terrible people in general, then I can see how it would be good advice.

Yes, friends and family ‘should’ be supportive, but things aren’t always the way they should be. But why would you throw away other personal relationships over one small…

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