Guest Post: Time Management in a LDR


Hi everyone!

Quick introduction: My name is Anna and I’m a blogger at Sunshine + Snowstorms! I am currently in a long distance relationship with a boy from California. I live in Finland, so there’s whopping 5500 miles in between me and him.

This post is, as the title states, time management in LDR. It can be tough to find time for school, work, hobbies, family, friends and of course, for your significant other on the other side of the globe. Especially if there is a big time difference, finding time can quickly become a problem that has a possibility of damaging your otherwise good relationship.

Jade and I have a 10-hour time difference. I think it definitely has both pros and cons. If you and your SO have a big time difference like we do, you should definitely take advantage of their night time to manage other areas in your life. While your partner is asleep, try to do as many things as possible – school, friends, work, exercise, hobbies… This way other things aren’t always in your way when you are trying to make time for your partner. On the other hand, if you and your partner aren’t many time zones apart, try to schedule things at the same time instead.

The key to making time for your partner is to… make time for them! Schedule at least three nights/afternoons/mornings for your partner. Have date nights, fun movie nights and just normal ’how are you?’ conversations. If you were in a short distance relationship, you would schedule a date and make time for your SO, right? Do the same in a long distance relationship as well. It can be hard, it can be really complicated and you will both have to be flexible. But you need to believe that it’s going to work. And it will.

There’s one more time management thing I want to address. Jade and I have had this problem a few times and it has really bugged me, every time it has happened. And that is, how do I get some time ”off”? I am an introvert and I need time alone in order to operate okay with other people. I have had to tell Jade that I am sorry, I need to do this and that and we cannot talk right now. And I can tell you, I felt so bad doing that. To have time on your own sometimes you need to discuss. You need to compromise. But I assure you, it is always better to tell your partner if you are in need of some me time. That way your relationship stays good and your personal mental health will not go completely crazy. Just explain why you need some time alone and I am sure your partner will understand.

I hope my advice was helpful! I hope you are having a great day. You can check out Christie’s post on my blog!

This post was inspired in part by the LDRBN blogging prompt Amazing Advice


One thought on “Guest Post: Time Management in a LDR

  1. That is great advice! My hubby used to be the one waiting for me all the time so he used to kill time by playing video games or watching anime or movies. But when I was off, I also enjoy having a “me time” while waiting for him.

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