Self strength and finding your path

Think LDRs will stunt your personal growth? Think again! LDRs offer a unique opportunity for you to blossom as an individual and strengthen your connection as a couple. Check out Maddy’s post on the subject here:

The Eleven:Eleven Diaries

I am told all the time that Troy and I are so strong for taking on a long distance relationship. I have never quite thought about it that way, but I suppose it is true. LDR is not easy, but my goodness is it rewarding! Our relationship has grown enormously since starting our long distance relationship. Being in a LDR enables you to grow in ways a conventional couple just couldnโ€™t, and I feel very lucky I get to experience it. We are closer in heart than we have ever been and stronger than ever, but our relationship couldnโ€™t have grown as mature as it had had it not been for our personal growths.

Troy and I always say that LDR was the perfect path for us. By that I donโ€™t mean that it is ideal, but it was what needed to happen for us to become who we neededโ€ฆ

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