Reaching for the Sun


I keep swirling in the never-ending twister of time, trying to break free of the commitments and reach for the sun on the other side.

The sun, the peace, the perfect life I strive for each day. Too many things keep blocking my way, keeping me from the ideal life.

Right now I’m just flailing in the air of time, floating in the currents with no way out. I’m trapped in my own life.

It’s a vicious cycle. Being tossed around like a paperย bag, feeling more and more empty with each passing day.

Is it possible for me to fulfill all of my dreams? For me to stop the constant spinning and get my life back on track?

I think not. Everything won’t fall into place. It will fight against me, trying to escape my grasp as we spin in circles.

I spiral further and further into the vortex of time, just hoping that one day the skies will clear and I can drop back down,

Down to the hard ground, where everything falls into place. And I won’t have to reach anymore….


4 thoughts on “Reaching for the Sun

  1. Dear Christie, hope this message find you well. There is a way out for sure: just keep waiting and preparing yourself! I am doing really well back in China! My mom is doing much better than before and I love my new job — I work for a security company now.

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