That Sounds Like A Scam

Looking for ways to get a little extra cash? LDRs can be a big investment of time and money. Every little bit really does count! Check out Sarah’s reviews of some great money-saving apps…I know I’ll be downloading some of these 🙂

That’s probably a scam!

I assure you, it most certainly is not a scam!

This is going to be a little different, again something I wouldn’t normally talk about on my blog, mainly because I really have no expertise in any of this. Also, sometimes things like this are in an odd gray area that nobody quite seems to know about or understand, which results in avoidance all together.

We are all looking for ways to make money, whether it’s through a conventional job, or walking dogs, babysitting, or selling things we make, we are usually doing it because we need some cash. LDRs are expensive, no doubt, and that’s the reason Jimmy and I haven’t been able to meet yet, even though we’ve been together over two and a half years, yes you read that correctly. It’s hard to save money when you’re a broke college student and can’t…

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