I’ll Grab The Popcorn

This was our costume for Halloween one year. We hand-sewed the lighted wire onto black suits to make them. I was extremely sick for Halloween that year, but insisted on wearing them. Tron Legacy was the first movie we watched alone together (even though it was before we started dating) and I will never forget that night!

Whenever Jay and I visit each other we always watch a lot of movies. Whoever is flying to visit always watches a lot of movies on the plane and then we talk about them. During the visit itself we usually watch one film in theaters and then watch some other ones at home. Movies really bring us together because it gives us something cheap and simple to do together and we always have an awesome time.

When Jay first came back to the USA for a visit it was almost two months after the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. I waited that entire time, quietly listening to my friends’ reviews of the movie and trying to avoid professional critiques. I really like to form my own opinions about movies and go into them blind without any other influences. I was a little upset when I had to wait so long to watch it, but I thought it was definitely worth the wait if I could watch with Jay. After all of the anticipation building up for months we finally saw one of only two showings on the last day it was in theaters. We ended up watching it in 3D and were a little annoyed spending $19 for a movie but hey, it was our first date in months! The movie itself was pretty decent, much better than the first two parts of The Hobbit, and it was a great way to start his visit off.

When I visited Jay in Australia we got to see Pitch Perfect 2. This was especially fun for me because Rebel Wilson is an Australian actress and everyone there loved her even more than we do in America. There were also times during the movie where I was laughing (I think the mentioned Dave & Busters and had some Green Bay Packers as guest stars) and nobody else in the theater seemed to understand the joke. It was something I really never thought of…Australians also speak English so in my mind I guess I thought everyone would laugh at the same references. It was such an interesting experience for Jay and I. The movies was decent and it was another great memory that we shared. Later during that same trip we watched the Back to the Future series together. We would adventure during the day and then watch one of the movies at night. If I fell asleep in the middle Jay would pause it and we’d save the rest for the next day.

This upcoming visit, Jay will be here for Christmas. Both of us really like Star Wars, so that’s on our list of movies to go see! I’m sure we’ll watch some of our favorites again at home too! We love watching animated movies together. How to Train Your Dragon, Wreck it Ralph, Ratatouille, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and Despicable Me are some of our favorites. We also really enjoy Lord of the Rings and Kingsman: The Secret Service.Regardless of the movie we watch, Jay and I always feel connected through it. We will forever remember the first time that we saw Tron Legacy together (it was actually the first time we really hung out one-on-one before dating. I was extremely nervous to be alone with him, but it definitely paid off in the end) or when we watched Crazy, Stupid, Love every week for a month. Sometimes we may disagree on the ratings of movies but for the most part we have similar tastes in movies. Even if I completely hated a movie I watched with Jay I would still love watching it….just being by his side makes it all worthwhile.

What movies do you and your SO like to watch together? Do you watch in person during visits or over Skype? What was your favorite LDR movie moment? I’d love to hear from you!

This post was inspired by the LDRBN prompt: Movies


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