Cheers to Us!

It can be really difficult to help Jay celebrate his birthday or holidays when we’re living in different countries, but difficult isn’t the same as an impossibility. One of the best things about a LDR is that it almost forces you to be creative with how you celebrate with your SO. You have to “think outside the box” to find ways to make birthdays and holidays feel more special while you’re apart from each other.

When Jay first moved away, his birthday was a month later. I wasn’t sure how to help celebrate “with” him and didn’t have much money for a gift. Australia has a lot of restrictions with customs so I couldn’t send anything edible and felt pretty restricted on what to send Jay for his birthday. Ordinarily I would try and pick something from a store within Australia to keep the shipping cost down, but Jay had moved there so recently that I didn’t even know where to start looking for one. Then one day I stumbled across a small wooden plaque I in my childhood room from a craft store that I never used for anything. I decided that the best gift to send for Jay’s birthday in Australia was something handmade so I got to work painting his plaque.  I painted Toad, one of his favorite Nintendo characters and his go-to for Mario Kart, and Toadette on the front and a cute Dutch phrase on the back. I was pretty proud of how it turned out and I think Jay liked it too. I bought a few other things for his birthday, but tried to keep the package light….shipping was the most expensive part of his gift!

photo 2 (2)
My hand-painted plaque for Jay’s birthday (the first one I couldn’t spend with him due to the distance).

Since this was the first birthday (for either of us) that we were living thousands of miles apart, this is also when we started our birthday cake tradition! We each went out and bought/made a small cake or dessert and then Skyped each other while eating it. This sounds like such a simple way to help celebrate, but it really creates the illusion that you’re right there next to each other. We continued to do that for all birthdays and special cake-required occasions since then and now have some wonderful memories of those moments.

What about Christmas? Jay and I haven’t spent Christmas together, but we do still exchange gifts! Usually we have a visit about a month after the holiday season and that’s when we exchange gifts. It’s really fun having Christmas in late January because it’s like our own special holiday. This year we are fortunate enough to be seeing each other for Christmas (and my birthday) so we’ll be sure to celebrate extra together!

The contents of one of my Christmas packages from Jay!! This was the first one since the distance started and he got me some awesome Australian goodies (and one kiwi bird cookie cutter from New Zealand). He knows me well 🙂

Dreaming of that New Year’s kiss? Yea, me too. I’ve never been that attracted to NYE, but now that Jay is away it makes me like it even less. There’s no kiss for us at midnight, especially since midnight is at different times for us! Last year I was sick for NYE, but I had a mini bottle of champagne and we “cheersed” over Skype when it was my midnight.

Cheers! This was NYE last year. I was sick, but still celebrated with a little bit of champagne and some Skyping ❤

Celebrations can still be awesome across thousands of miles, you just need to be a little more creative than if you were together in person. Send cards, ship packages, and share a slice of cake! Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it. These are the memories that make LDRs worth it. 🙂

In what ways do you celebrate with your SO? Do you have your own special holidays? How do you spread the holiday spirit from miles away? I’d love to know!

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