LDRBN Interview Challenge: Meet Wannie!

This month we at LDRBN were challenged to do an interview-style guest post! I wasn’t sure what to expect because I haven’t conducted many interviews, but I’m so happy that I accepted the challenge. I teamed up with Wannie to create my collaboration post. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved learning about Wannie and her LDR. Did I mention she’s a success story?! Let’s see what she had to say! My thoughts are in italics.


How did you and your SO first meet?
My SO and I met through a chat room when we were still teenagers. Since we’re both Filipinos, we added each other on Yahoo! Messenger and became friends on-line for eight years before we became a couple.

Some of the strongest romantic relationships blossom from friendships. Eight years seems like such a long time, but I’m sure it really helped build a strong foundation. 

This is a collage from their first meet-up! It looks to me like they really hit it off 🙂

Was it easy to start dating in a LDR or were you nervous for it?
Of course, it wasn’t easy! I was in denial at first because it’s hard to believe that I was falling for someone I haven’t even met in person. I was even nervous to be in a commitment with him because I was thinking that he might not like me anymore once he sees me in person. After two and a half years of being in a relationship, we met personally and it was awesome!

I give so much credit to those of you who met your SO online and are still waiting to meet them in person. I can’t imagine that feeling (Jay and I met in person and the distance came quite a bit later) and you are truly inspiring people.

What was the biggest challenge during your LDR?
The distance itself. Haha. I mean, being thousand miles apart from someone gives you that longing feeling, right? We felt so limited. Distance also makes you doubt. Good thing, we have overcome it and now, we’re happily married after 5 years of being in LDR!

The longing feeling has got to be my biggest difficulty as well. When you’re with someone so wonderful it’s hard to think of anything else but them. LDRs are definitely challenging because they put a lot of limitations on your relationship and can cause some serious doubts. I love that you closed the gap after 5 years and are now happily married to your long distance SO.

Bedtime Skype calls 🙂

What is your favorite memory from your LDR?
The first time we saw each other in person! Because that was literally after 10 years of meeting each other on-line. It’s like I was starstruck because similar to a celebrity, I only used to see that person on screen but now, he’s in front of me. I was so excited and so happy when I finally got to hug him for the first time.

Wow. I love the comparison with a celebrity! “Never-mets” are so unique and I love when I hear about the first meetings. I can’t imagine waiting for 10 years to actually hug Jay….

What surprised you the most about being in a LDR?
That it actually works. That if a man truly loves you, he’ll do anything just to be able to talk to you in a day despite the distance and opposite time zones. That it shows how committed a person can be.

I love this. I’ll admit that I had some doubts when the distance started in my relationship. It’s hard to judge the unknown. I’ve definitely seen myself and Jay grow as both individuals and a couple since we started the long distance portion of our relationship. The level of commitment in LDRs is astounding and really helps restore my faith in humanity. 

Is there one piece of advice you would give to others in a LDR?
There’s more than one, actually. Be strong and stay committed with the one you love. Set goals for yourself and for your relationship and work for them. Learn to trust your partner. Be honest always.

Yes, yes, yes, and yes! All of these are so important in any relationship, but especially in LDRs. 

I know you are one of the ”success story” LDRs. Can you tell us a little but about that process and how you two are doing now?
My husband is a US Citizen and he filed for a K1 Visa so he could petition for me. There were a lot of paperworks and payments but it’s all worth it. I’m now in the US and happily married with him. My Adjustment of Status is currently on process but I just received my work permit so I can now apply for a job! Hurrah! Anyways, we plan to start a family probably after two years. Right now, we’re just enjoying our time together after 12 years of being apart!

I. cannot. stop. smiling!!!!! I absolutely love LDR success stories. Regardless of how long you’ve been living apart, you can still have success! 

They tied the knot!!!! I love hearing about LDR success stories. Congratulations!!

Special thank you to Wannie for participating in this interview with me. I loved getting to know more about you and your LDR journey. I’m still smiling….congratulations on your success! I look forward to hearing more about your married-life adventures soon. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “LDRBN Interview Challenge: Meet Wannie!

  1. Wow! My heart is happy after reading this story 🙂 thanks for sharing Wannie’s experience. The best of the best for that couple ^^, (8 years of friendship is definitely a good foundation)


  2. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Can’t wait to finish my post about you, too! Sorry, it’s taking long. 😦 Just got busy these past week but the good thing is, I just got hired. 🙂 Then, our computer is also under repair so I can’t make a good graphic for my posts. Anyways, gotta finish it soon!

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