3 Common Misconceptions About Blogging


I’ll admit there was a time where I was skeptical about bloggers. It never seemed like something I could consider as a serious part of my life. Ever since I started this blog and joined LDRBN I’ve had a change of heart. Blogging is such a wonderful part of my life. This post is for all of those skeptics. I used to be you. Here are my top 3 misconceptions about blogging.

Blogging doesn’t take a lot of time. HA. This could not be more wrong. One of my managers periodically asks me about my blog and just yesterday he asked how many hours I work on it in a given week. Now, this includes the time I put into the blogging network, but I told him I can easily spend at least 10 hours per week running my blog, moderating, LDRBN, and visiting other blogs. There are so many things that go into just one post. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had posts sitting and just waiting in my drafts for the perfect picture to be added on top. So much time goes into choosing topics, taking pictures, and actually writing the post. Not to mention tags, categories, link-backs…Sometimes it takes me over a week to get one specific post out because I’m not going to post something unless I’m proud of it. 

Anyone can become a blogger. I guess technically this is true; anyone could get online and create a blog, but not everyone has the commitment and determination to maintain a blog. Bloggers have heart. They have purpose. Each post represents a small piece of who they are as a person. Bloggers have pride in their work and love writing. All of the effort they put into running their blog is completely worth it. If you’re serious about blogging, you’ll make sure your blog reaches other forms of social media as well. My blog is represented on Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram!

It’s just a hobby. Of course this might be true for some people. My blogging started out as just a hobby, but it’s developed into much more than that. It’s a way to express myself in a way where I don’t feel vulnerable or scared of people’s judgments. It’s a way to help other people who might be going through similar experiences and looking for advice. It’s a way to release my thoughts and share them with the world, if it wants to listen. Blogging isn’t just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle.

Don’t be a skeptic. Respect the blog.


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