Standard Visit Procedure


Throughout any relationship, romantic or otherwise, you develop little traditions with each other that nobody else will ever really understand the value of in the same way as you. These are the small things that help strengthen your bond to one another. They might seem silly of trivial to others, but they represent the core of your friendship. Jay and I have a lot of little jokes and traditions that we share whenever possible.

The Big Apple. Whenever Jay visits me we have a few traditions we always uphold. Since I live close to NYC we take a day trip there and wander around like tourists. We visit our favorite restaurant in the city, Tao, and head to the LEGO store to look at all of the sets we want but can’t really afford.

Quesarito Time. Another traditional visit activity is going to Taco Bell. I know what you’re thinking…Taco Bell? Really? Yes, really. I didn’t eat there up until a couple of years ago when Jay brought me. I’m a little embarrassed to admit how much I like it! Last time Jay visited we went there for breakfast and it was delicious! It’s our go-to meal if we can’t think of something to make or somewhere to go.

Trip to the Theater. We also go to the movie theater at least once when we’re visiting each other. I had to wait for over a month to watch The Desolation of Smaug and Jurassic World so Jay and I could watch them together. When I visited him we went to see Pitch Perfect 2. This upcoming trip we’re planning to watch the new Star Wars movie and In The Heart of The Sea.

Shopaholic’s Anonymous. One thing Jay and I also really enjoy when we’re together is going to the mall. Neither of us really shop much on our own. I’m slightly obsessed with online shopping, but rarely go to the stores. When we’re together we make a point of strolling through the mall, picking each other outfits, and people-watching. Even if we don’t end up buying anything it’s always a good time.

Chicken Parm Spaghetti. Both of us love to cook and love to eat. So when we’re together there is a lot of those activities! Jay’s “classic” meal is chicken parmesan with spaghetti. We pick up some boxes of no. 12 De Cecco spaghetti, Rao’s marinara sauce, chicken, seasoned breadcrumbs, and a wedge of parmesan cheese. Making this meal is always fun, because there’s a lot of preparation that we get to do together. It’s also such a satisfying, hearty meal that leaves us relaxed and happy for the rest of the night. Most people probably think it’s strange that our traditional romantic meal is spaghetti, but to us it’s the perfect way to end a day.

There are several other things that Jay and I do together during visits and when we are apart, but these are some of my favorite traditions in our relationship. What sort of activities do you and your SO make a point of doing that other people might think is “silly” or simple? Are there traditions that you share together on visits? How many traditions do you have when you’re apart? I love getting to know the ins and outs of other LDRs. Share your thoughts below! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Standard Visit Procedure

  1. When my SO visits me, we make it a point to go to a Potbelly at least once. It’s probably his favorite “fast food” joint in the States, and they don’t exist in Ireland. We’ll also take an evening to cook up a nice Beef & Guinness Stew to share with my family, since that’s something that’s not done often (or well) here.

    As for when I visit Ireland, my boyfriend’s mom always welcomes me back to the country with a full Irish breakfast!

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    1. Wow, that sounds awesome! I’ve never been to a Potbelly before, but it looks pretty good…and beef and Guinness stew sounds amazing! You have to eat full Irish breakfast when you’re there. I went on a trip to Ireland when I played rugby at university and I was shocked by the size and contents of the breakfast at first haha. I love all of your visit traditions!


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