TDQC: The Final Day

And just like that, the final day of the quote challenge is here! I’ve been torn on which quote to post since I am inspired by so many quotes each and every day. One of my favorite things about inspiration and wisdom is that it’s never-ending. There are so many wonderful people in the world with words to be shared.

Here is a quote I’m actually displaying on the back of my shirt today. In high school, I was challenged by my Economics teacher to buy an item in Goodwill and wear it to school (to show that you can buy nice things for cheap…or something like that). I found a t-shirt that says “GIVE” across the front and has this quote on the back, said by Winston Churchill. I couldn’t help myself.


When we’re younger, people try to instill the values of giving into us. Sadly, as we get older some of us lose track of these words of wisdom. Winston Churchill said something seemingly simple that really means a lot. So lend a helping hand, share a story, and offer your assistance to those in need. Comfort the sad, visit the lonely, donate to the hungry.

There are endless possibilities to help others, so many ways to share our love. Strive to extend a helping hand at least once a week. You’ll be surprised how much of an impact it will have on your own life.

Thank you again, Diana, for nominating me for the Three Day Quote Challenge. I’m so happy that you included me in this! It made me reflect on words of wisdom that I may have forgotten otherwise. ❤


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