Blogger Recognition Award

I am so grateful to Kaye from That Random Ilongga for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! This award was created by Edge of Night to help spread happiness and encouragement throughout the blogosphere. It’s a way to brighten the day of other bloggers and make them feel special…and it works! I’m so flattered whenever I receive a nomination because it means that my blogging has inspired someone else. I love blogging, but I love it even more when I know others enjoy my posts.


So what are the rules for the Blogger Recognition Award? Well the rules for accepting a BRA (hehe) are simple.

Write a post accepting the award! Tell everyone why you started blogging and give a couple pieces of advice. Make sure you add the award graphic, thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their blog. 🙂

Choose 15 other deserving blogs to receive the award. No nominations for the one who nominated you! Otherwise you can nominate anyone else you think deserves a BRA!

Comment on each of those bloggers’ blog. Send them a little note of congratulations linking back to your acceptance post.

Link-back to the original Edge of Night post. In case they have questions about the rules, they’ll be able to locate the original!

I began blogging to help myself manage the thoughts about my LDR. Throughout the past year, my blog has transformed into so much more than that. I strive to help others while expressing myself. Blogging is more than a hobby, it’s part of my lifestyle!

My biggest piece of advice to anyone is to try and remain positive. Life is too short to waste your time being sad or angry. I’ve tried to let go of the little annoyances in my life to life a happier life and it has made an incredible difference. Nobody likes being sad, so why do we fall into the trap of sadness? Fight back against the negativity with a smile, a laugh, and good times with friends.

My Nominees for the BRA are:

The LDR Journal

Sunshine and Snowstorms

The Distance Between Us

Distance Commitments

Adriel’s Adventures

Jewels Wandering

The Fickle Heartbeat

A Little More Each Day

Intentional Living

Rachel Mariiie Beauty

Scale Simple

Hope In Small Corners

A Year of Reading the World

Texas to Tennessee

Catherine’s Moving Castle

Congrats on your nomination for the BRA 😉


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