It’s Time for Us to Win



You creep your way in,

Finding yourself a host.

With no announcement,

you plague those I love most.


Slowly you eat away at them,

while they live happily unknowing.

You multiply and multiply

nobody sensing you’re growing.


And then, all of a sudden,

they find something odd.

They go to their doctor,

for a prick and prod.


Later that week they receive some results,

they see all you’ve caused and all of your hurts.


So FUCK YOU, Cancer!

And all of your buddies.

We don’t want you here,

we’ve seen all the studies.


So FUCK YOU, Cancer!

It’s time for you to leave.

You’ve seen enough of us,

Making it too hard to breathe.


So FUCK YOU, Cancer!

I’ve had enough of you.

It’s time to pack your bags,

and head for Timbuctu.


So FUCK YOU, Cancer!

We have a lot of heart.

We’ll beat you with our happiness,

And tear your world apart.


It’s time for a positive mindset, but I can’t help but vent.

You show up out of nowhere with absolutely no repent.


So FUCK YOU, Cancer!



It’s time for us to win.


***My apologies for the vulgarity of this post. It is not like me to post pieces with swears, but the heart wants what it wants and mine needed to speak. I hope that you will continue to follow me and read my posts. All the best ❤



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