12 Days of Christmas Challenge: Day 3

DAY THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 days

My favorite Christmas recipe of food….hmm, there are so many that I love! If I had to pick a favorite holiday “food” it would be cookies. Those count, right? I mean who doesn’t love cookies!

My family goes all-out for holiday baking. We average a little over 20 varieties of cookies per year. It’s hard to choose just one recipe as my favorite. I really enjoy truffles, buckeyes, and pinwheel cookies. But which is my favorite?

Perhaps my favorite isn’t any of them…it’s all of them! Some of my other favorites (I don’t seem to have pictures of) are linzer sandwich cookies, spritz (preferablyย camel-shaped), and cream cheese mints. I’m sure I’ll be posting pictures of this year’s Christmas cookie plate later in the month so I can do a full cookie analysis then. ๐Ÿ™‚

What types of Christmas foods do you share with your family? Do you have a favorite cookie? Help me decide on mine!


4 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Challenge: Day 3

  1. We never go out with desserts and when we bake gingerbread it takes months and months for us to finish them, haha. But in the end… Who doesn’t love cookies?! All the pictures in this post look just so yummy…

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    1. We always end up with extra plates full of cookies! We store them in the freezer so they stay awhile longer and we don’t feel compelled to eat them all at once, haha. Gingerbread cookies are perhaps the most exhausting to make (and eat) because we use my grandmother’s recipe and it makes close to 6 dozen….


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