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We were recently challenged to collaborate with a fellow LDRBN blogger for a blog review. I was really excited to work with Maddy from The Eleven:Eleven Diaries because I love her blog and want to share it with all of you. I also can’t wait to hear what she says about my blog.

The first thing I noticed about Maddy’s blog is the simple aesthetics. I love the clean, professional look of the white background, black lettering, and splash of color in the site name! I personally try to embrace the “less is more” ideas when it comes to blogging, so I really love the look of The Eleven:Eleven Diaries.

Speaking of….how great is that name!? I love it because it’s something that other people can relate to and it’s an easy name to remember. The name holds a special meaning in Maddy’s LDR, which makes is even more special.

When you first look at the blog, there are 5 menu options on top. The first one gives a brief description of Maddy and Troy, complete with pictures. Even though there isn’t much written in this tab you can learn a lot about Maddy from it. She’s optimistic, committed, adventurous, and has a kind heart. It’s really important to make yourself relatable and welcoming to your readers and Maddy does a wonderful job of that.

The rest of the menu tabs help you easily navigate around Maddy’s site. You can read about her LDR journey and other LDR-related posts, college-themed posts, and her positive thoughts. All posts are easily accessible through the menu.

There is a great variety in Maddy’s posts. She writes about her LDR, shares fashion advice, and sometimes posts DIY ideas. The one theme that shines through in her work is her optimism and happiness. Whenever I visit her blog I can feel the positivity bursting through my screen. It’s one of those blogs where I finish reading a post and catch myself smiling. 🙂

Lastly, I’ll review Maddy’s sidebar. I like how she includes a photo of herself and a short bio. She also includes an LDRBN badge, a link to join LDRBN (yay, we love new members), an Instagram link, social media buttons for easy sharing, search bar, and a countdown calendar! I think she has a really nice look to her sidebar. It’s clean and simple and tells her readers a little more about her.

My only suggestion would be to rearrange the sidebar and maybe put the search bar, “Maddy Map”, social sharing icons, and follow button underneath her bio. They get a little bit lost further down the page. The LDRBN badge and link to join might also do better if they’re together in the sidebar.

Overall, I love how inviting Maddy’s blog is for her audience. It’s sleek and simple, friendly, and easy to navigate. There’s a great balance of words and photos in her posts and the posts themselves offer a lot of variety. This is one of my favorite feel-good blogs. I hope you all love The Eleven:Eleven Diaries as much as I do. ❤

Special thanks to Maddy for teaming up with me for a blog review. Interested in a review from me? Comment below or send me an email. I’d love to work with you!

Interested in meeting other awesome LDR bloggers besides me and Maddy? Why not check out LDRBN! There’s a whole community of us just waiting to hear your story.



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