My Monthly Three: December Edition


I’m a little bit behind for my December blogging, but I promise I’ll make up for it! Let’s take a quick peek at how I did on my November goals:

Start studying for the Actuarial Exam. I completed my first run-through of the material and have now begun focusing more directly on specific sections. I’m still hoping to take the first exam in March!

Go to the Gym. While I wasn’t completely successful with this, I did go to the gym more often than in any other month. I’m hoping to go again tomorrow and start my week off right.

Increase Blog Traffic. This was a new goal for me and I think I did pretty well. I interacted with more readers and got a significant spike in post “likes.”

Bonus Goal: Review another members’ blog. This went really well. You can check out my review of The Eleven:Eleven Diaries here.

Now for the Β fun stuff….December goals!

Create a Study Plan. My first goal will remain the same. I want to continue on my actuarial study path. Hopefully creating a plan will help me stay focused on the end goal!

Run More Often. I just signed up for a 5k at the start of the new year. I recently joined a club where each member strives to run a race in every town in our state. I’m not sure how long I want this to take me, but I was hoping for at least one race per month in the next year. This means I need to run more often now so I’ll be in good shape by then.

Cut Down on Sugar. With the holidays coming up I am very scared about this. I’ll have to try and avoid the Starbucks holiday lattes, Christmas cookies, and glasses of wine. My health is the most important part of my life. I need to take care of my body so I will have many more years to look forward to in the future.


What are your goals for the month of December? Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle or expand your mind?


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