A Dash of Variety


The routine of your LDR “dates” can take a toll on your relationship. Make sure you have some variety in your interactions with your loved one…mix it up! Here are my top five ways to spice up your LDR romance:

  1. Play a Game. Whether you’re into computer games, board games, or cards there is always a way to incorporate games into your routine. Jay and I like to race against each other in Mario Kart on the Wii U or play Guess Who over Skype. Sometimes we play online games or one we developed, called Photo Tag.
  2. Watch a Show. Pick a show you both have access to and watch a couple episodes while you chat. Some of our favorites are New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Then we like to discuss our opinions and critiques after eahc episode. It gives us something to talk about outside of our daily routine.
  3. Send Letters. One of the things I love most about my relationship is finding a letter from Jay in my mailbox. There’s something romantic about someone sending you letters from across the ocean. We also decided to write a story together. Along with each letter is the story we started and we alternate writing a sentence or two each time we send a letter. It’s always exciting to see where the story will take us!
  4. Cooking Together. Jay and I like to have “cooking shows” for eachother. Our meals sometimes line-up where I’m eating breakfast while he eats lunch, etc…It can be really fun to cook “together” and share a meal even when you’re so far apart from each other.
  5. Sporting Events. Jay is an avif futbol fan for Bayern Munich and Ajax. I am an Arsenal fan. We like to root for eachother’s teams (as long as our teams aren’t playing each other). This gives us an easy way to do something together and helps us to create a really strong bond over sports. We actually both went to see Bayern Munich play after the last World Cup (even though a lot of the players weren’t there) and it was such a blast. Hopefully we can see an Arsenal match sometime soon.

No matter what you do together, make sure you don’t fall into the same routine. Spontaneously suggest watching a movie, write a surprise letter, or cook something together! You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have together while not being in the same room.

This post is inspired by the LDRBN Prompt: Mix It Up

Are you an LDR blogger? Do you want to share your experiences and advice about long distance relationships with others in a similar situation? Or are you looking for some inspiration for your own posts? Check out LDRBN!


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