Packing List!

Are you heading off to visit your SO this holiday season? I hope you remember everything! If you’re afraid of forgetting an item, check out this great packing list created by Marissa!

Story of Us


If you are like me, then you like to leave packing until the night before you leave. Maybe even until the day of, depending on when you’re leaving! If I know I am leaving early in the morning, I like to pack the night before, that way I can make sure I don’t forget anything. If I am leaving later on in the day, most of the times I will choose to pack the same day I am leaving, but in the morning. So I suppose I am somewhat of a last minute packer, haha!

However, although I may be a last minute packer, it is very rare that I ever forget anything. This is because I like to make myself a list of everything that I need to pack, check it off as I pack each thing, and then go over the list once more about an hour or…

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