Packing on the Pounds

I love when Jay visits because I can finally take him to all the places that I’ve been wanting to share with him. The only problem is….most of these are restaurants so we always end up gaining weight during visits! Jay and I have formed a strong bond revolving around food. We love talking about the new dinner we made for ourselves or something delicious we ate at a restaurant. Whenever we find a place we love, we add it to our list of date spots. Our list of activities for upcoming visits always includes a restaurant section! Jay just left me from our last visit together, one that was especially foody. We celebrated both my birthday and Christmas during his time here and made sure we stopped by all of the restaurants on our list.

The first place on our list might surprise some of you, but we have become somewhat addicted to Taco Bell. That’s where we picked up our first dinner together on the way back from the airport. My family knows about Jay’s obsession with Taco Bell so he even got a Taco Bell gift card for Christmas! Sadly, we only went once more before he had to go back home, but he still has some money left for next visit.

Eataly NYC

My birthday was soon after Jay arrived and it entailed a trip to New York City. I wanted to go somewhere new with a unique and casual vibe. After visiting Eataly for some espresso (it’s this really awesome big Italian market with pastas, seafood, coffee, desserts, meats, cheeses, etc….) we wandered our way into Belgian Beer Café. There we each tried a new beer, shared a “hoppetizer” and had a delicious sandwich. It was a really fun place to go because we ate food we don’t normally think of eating! Before we left th city I some sort of small dessert to use as a birthday “cake” so I could blow out a candle later that night. Since I don’t like cake it was a bit of a challenge, but we settled on a nice slice of cheesecake.

Our Belgian Beers

For the next couple of days we went to local delis and restaurants for lunch. Jay loves sandwiches more than anything so he has a few places he loves going to every time he’s back in the area. There’s also a small Italian restaurant near my job that I started going to a few months ago and I wanted to share with him. We had a great time no matter where we went, sharing the most happiness over a bite.

Fortunately for us, my family knows us well. I have always been known as someone who eats a lot and Jay seems to have the same reputation. We received two gift certificates to one of our favorite restaurants for Christmas. Barcelona Wine Bar, a delicious Spanish tapas restaurant, has always been one of our favorites. It’s a place that we don’t visit too often because it can cost a lot of money so we really only go there for special occasions. We were really excited to go after Christmas and stuff out faces with all of the delicious mini dishes…at my family’s expense!

We began the night with a mid-range bottle of “Vinos Pinol”, something much more expensive than my usual $6.99 choices. Neither of us have much experience so we mutually decided on one and I was the first “taster” that approved the choice. When the waitress came over and showed us the bottle we both just nodded and said it looked nice. I still have no idea what the proper response is to that…The waitress was really nice and seemed to understand our confusion so she talked us through the tasting to make sure it wasn’t a corked bottle. I think she enjoyed serving us instead of self-proclaimed wine coneseurs!

Charcuterie Board and Vinos Pinol

After we got our wine it was time for food. Our first course was a charcuterie board with Manchego Curado, Chorizo Picante, and Jamón Serrano. Everything looked and tasted so fresh. Jay doesn’t generally enjoy eating cheese unless it’s melted into marinara sauce or topping pizza, but he even liked eating some of the Manchego. It was the perfect way to start our dinner. We then ordered a variety of tapas that we had been craving since we got the gift cards. Chicken & Jamon Croquetas with a garlic aoli sauce are our favorites so we got two orders of those. We also ate hanger steak with a truffle vinaigrette,  patatas bravas with garlic aoli and salsa brava, and spiced meatballs called albondigas. Everything tasted amazing! We were both extremely full, but wanted to make the most out of our dinner so we ordered Crepas Salguero stuffed with dulce de leche, drizzled with chocolate sauce, and topped with vanilla ice cream….yum! I’m honestly not sure how we managed to consume all of that food, but it was such a wonderful date. We loved sharing a classy meal and eating all of the amazing dishes.

Crepas Salguero

I think both Jay and I need a little detox after this visit. I’m not one to regularly weight myself, but I can definitely tell that I gained wait in the last ten days. I need to get in shape before April when I visit him in the Netherlands so we can eat all of the delicious meals there as well!

Do you and your SO enjoy eating out during visits? Do you find that you eat more when you’re together? What types of things do you do more often when your SO visits you? I’m curious to see if we’re the only two packing on the pounds during visits!

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