When Will it End?

glass-984457_1920If you’re in a LDR, you know you’ve asked yourself this. When will it end? When will the distance finally be over? When will we finally be together? Not only when, but how will it end? Who will move to close the distance? These questions circle the minds of all LDR couples and they shouldn’t be ignored. It’s important to make a concerted effort to discuss this with each other so you’re not blind sighted by the difficulties of closing the distance later on in the relationship.

One of the things every LDR couple is faced with is the decision of who will move to close the distance. A lot of different factors go into this. You have family, friends, jobs, finances, and legal permits to consider when making this move. It may be easier for your SO to get a residence permit in the other’s country, but it could be easier for them to get a job in their own country. It might cost less to move to them for you, but you will leave behind everything and everyone you ever know. No matter what, someone seems to be sacrificing more than the other.

So how do you find balance? How do you decide who will move and when? Are family members a good enough excuse to stay where you are? Is your job more important than the move? Unfortunately, there is no “right” answer to these questions. Each individual and each couple needs to evaluate the situation for themselves. Everything needs to be considered and it might take months to decide what is best, but the conversation has to happen.

You both need to be honest. You need to lay out all of your thoughts and reservations. You’re in this together. Make sure you equally weight both of your opinions. Share your concerns, your hopes, and your doubts. If your SO can’t help you think through everything than who can?

If you can’t reach a decision you’re both comfortable with, then don’t try to rush it. The right situation will reveal itself eventually. Just keep on motivating and loving each other from a distance. Soon enough you’ll be together. ❀

This post was inspired by the prompt: Distance

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