2015 Review: Our Times Together

I’m a little late on the recap, but 2015 was pretty good to me and Jay! With the exception of some hiccups with our health we had some great moments. We got to see each other 4 times throughout the year, which is amazing for an international LDR couple. All of our visits were really entertaining and fun. So here’s a little look into our 2015:


1. Jay’s visit in January/February.

IMG_4856 (2)
One of the meals we ate before I got sick….yum!

We went sledding, shared all of our favorite local foods, and celebrated belated Christmas together. Valentine’s Day was a little un-romantic due to my unexpected hospital trip the night before. There aren’t many things more unflattering than a gown that shows your butt to the world, but Jay stayed by me throughout the whole ordeal. He even felt bad that he had to fly back home before I got a camera up my butt! Not to worry though, I am A-Okay now and my Colitis was not chronic.


2. My somewhat-spontaneous trip to Australia.

Australia Vacation 067.JPG
View of the Sydney Opera House from the ferry

I had never traveled alone before and never visited Australia. So why not accomplish both at once? Visiting Jay in Australia was an amazing trip. He kept telling me how awesome I was for traveling all that way by myself (and in Economy Class). We had an awesome time petting koalas, feeding kangaroos, going sandboarding, and trying to avoid scary venomous spiders. I was only there for 10 days, but we sure made the most of it.


3. Jay’s post-hernia surgery visit to attend my brother’s wedding.

I had a pretty awesome wedding date

Not only was Jay recovering from surgery, he was also pitstopping in Holland to drop off some luggage before coming to the US. It took him 36 hours to get here and my entire family was so grateful to him for making the trip. We didn’t do too many adventurous things during his short visit, but he did help me buy the wedding piñata! When he left he was actually heading to his new home in Holland, so I’m happy I got to see him before/during his move!


4. That time we actually celebrated my birthday and Christmas together.

Birthday draaaaaaanks

2015 was the first year we were able to do this. Even when we lived in the same state it never happened because Jay’s family was always traveling around the world in Winter. This year we were able to spend my birthday and Christmas together for the first time and I think I’m still smiling because of it. We tried some new restaurants, explored NYC, and spent lots of time traveling to see family and friends. It was the best way to end 2015.


Hopefully you all  had a wonderful 2015 and may 2016 be even better than 2015 for all of you! I wish you all the best. ❤

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