My (Final) 2015 Recap: A Year in Review

This month’s goal challenge for LDRBN was to play a little “2015 Review”game together with your SO. They released these super awesome cards for us to print and use for the acitivity together. Sadly, I wasn’t able to meet up with Jay in person to play this, but it made for a really fun Skype date!

I started by printing out a copy of the cards for myself and emailing Jay his own copy. I don’t have a color printer so I had some fun coloring the cards myself. Jay found us a random number generator online and we used it to choose which card to “pick” for each round. Some of the cards didn’t apply to us, but we had a lot of fun answering some of them. Once we went through about 10 of them with the random generator we stopped and read all of the rest, answering the ones we liked most. Here were some of our favorites:


Favorite memory you shared together? There are so many memories to consider for this question. My favorite was when we visited the Featherdale Wildlife Park where we fed kangaroos and pet koalas. Jay’s favorite memory was a walk we did to South Head. We saw a lighthouse, sailboats, and even a nude beach, haha.

What was your favorite visit together last year & why? Jay and I both agree that our best visit together was the last one when he came to visit me. We spent my birthday and Christmas together. We went on dates, visited NYC, and ate lots of food.

Your absolute favorite date night you shared together? We both had such an amazing date night when we went to the Barcelona restaurant. Our goal was to have a very extravagant meal and spend all of the $180 we had in gift cards. $145 and too much food later…

Pick 3 words your spouse would use to describe their year. Jay chose “just keep swimming” as my 2015 motto. Finding Nemo is one of my favorite movies, I went to Australia, and I am always trying to think on the postivit side of things. I thought this was perfect! Unfortunately, I was not feeling very creative so I couldn’t think of 3 good words for Jay.



What cool things do you want to create this year? Jay has a super secret project he’s working on so I am not allowed to say it! I would really like to create scrapbooks this year. It’s something I haven’t done much of since high school, but I have a mini Euro Trip and visit to Australia that I really want to preserve in a book. I also hope to make one from my university days!

One thing you would do differently this year and why. Nothing that we could think of… 🙂

What do you look forward to most? The one thing we both look forward to most is letters from each other. There’s something really romantic about “old fashioned” correspondence.

What will be your biggest success this year? Jay’s biggest success will be completing his master’s program. Mine will (hopefully) be passing at least one Actuarial exam. Go us!


The best gift you received? The best gift we received was spending Christmas together. It was a huge milestone and the perfect way to end the year.


What was the best way you used your time? I didn’t have a good answer for this one, but Jay had a good answer. He said that the best way he used his time was…traveling on an airplane! We were fortunate to have 4 visits during 2015 and 3 of them were him traveling to me.

Your favorite place that you visited? Both Jay and I had our “favorite places” in Australia. We had such an amazing time at the zoo, wildlife park, and nature walks.

Was there anything you did for the very first time? I traveled to Australia, wooooo! We also spent my birthday and Christmas together for the first time.

What was an unexpected obstacle? Jay and I both ended up in the hospital this year. I had severe Colitis and he had two hernias. Not to worry, we are doing fine now!

One thing you wish you could have done better? Nothing. Both of us are very satisfied with 2015.

I encourage you to play along with this little review game. It’s a little late to do it now, but better late than never? The best part about this little “review” game is that you can actually play it at any time. Play it once every few months for a little recap to keep yourselves in check. If you prefer to make it an annual tradition, print out the cards on cardstock and save the deck for next January 1st!

This was inspired by the LDRBN prompt: Review 

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