My LDR: It’s Really Not THAT Bad

It can be difficult to see the positives in something that other people are constantly doubting to your face, but I am thankful for some aspects of my LDR. I know that long distance isn’t easy, but I think I’ve been extremely lucky with my circumstances.

For starters, Jay and I have been able to see eachother several times since the start of the distance. A lot of long distance couples struggle to find the time and the money for visits, but we have been extremely fortunate. We had 4 visits together last year alone and I think we’ve had 7 total since the distance. Each visit was exciting and full of adventures I wouldn’t have gotten to experience if we were living nearby eachother.

Speaking of adventures…did I tell you I flew to Australia? Because I did and it was such an amazing trip! Jay toured me around Sydney, helping me to experience this totally unique country and culture. Since Jay was also new to the country we were able to explore a lot of new things together, making the moments together even more special.

I’m also thankful for the different perspective I have gained from being in a long distance relationship. Too often I hear people complaining about their SO for not responding to their text quick enough or for not wanting to some party together. When I hear these complaints they all seem so silly to me. Your girlfriend doesn’t want to go to the same Super Bowl party as you? My boyfriend won’t even be awake during the Super Bowl and I couldn’t care less. My LDR has really opened my mind to the triviality of most people’s woes. I don’t stress if Jay takes a little while to message me back or get frustrated if he doesn’t have much to say on Skype. We have such limited interactions that I truly appreciate the times we spend together.

Just because you’re in a situation you never desired you’d be in, doesn’t mean that you’re doomed from the start. Embrace your LDR for the new adventures it brings to your life and be thankful for every memory.

This post was inspired by the LDRBN blogging prompt: Thankful

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