Love is… (Day 88)

Dee is always posting these adorable illustrations of what “love is” and this one really hits home for me. When Jay and I first met I had never really dabbled in video games. I am now pretty much an expert at Mario Kart and I have actually battled with some Pokemon (so cool, right?), haha. Jay has also taken an interest in some of the things I like to do. He asks me about my blog and really takes an interest in my scrapbooking and other hobbies. When we are together we play games and also sometimes do crafts. Once we painted our own South African inspired canvases! Love really is about doing the things you enjoy…together! You’ll be surprised how much you may actually enjoy your SO’s hobby. Check out Dee’s post on these “bonding moments” that bring us closer to the one we love.

From UK to the Philippines with Love


Bonding moments with your special someone is fun. It will be your “US” time together. It can help your relationship stronger because of the bonding time. Give time and relax with your partner. Do things together and learning each others like. There is nothing  wrong to do it with your partner. Try it and have fun.

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