3 Reasons to Start Blogging Today


It took me well over a year to really appreciate the art of blogging. I never fully understand how much work goes into a blog until I became serious about blogging myself. The site itself, the web address, all of the photos, the actual writing of posts, tagging, categories, etc…there really is an endless list of everything that goes into a blog. But all of the hard work does pay off in the end.

Blogging has so many incredible benefits and perks if you’re willing to put in the effort. Here are the top 3 reasons why being a blogger is totally awesome.

Creative Freedom. From a young age (at least in America) we are taught about our right to freedom of expression. Although we’re taught we have freedom of speech, not everyone will accept our views. It can be frightening to open your mouth and speak out about your beliefs sometimes. Blogging is a way to express your true thoughts and feelings on anything. You can discuss controversial issues without feeling vulnerable to criticism.

It’s all about YOU. How often can you say that without sounding selfish? My favorite thing about blogging is that I can do it my own way. There’s no teacher standing over me with the red pen of doom to edit my posts. I don’t need to go in a direction other people plan out for me ahead of time. My posts are exactly how I envision them. Obviously I do think of my audience as I write, but this blog started as a way for me to vent my thoughts and feelings. Ultimately, it’s all about me.

Recognition. Of course not all bloggers get recognized for their accomplishments enough, but it does happen. When some internet stranger comments on your post and tells you how much they can relate, it is such an amazing feeling. It’s one thing to create a blog, but it’s a whole new level of excitement when someone actually appreciates your writing. Blogging is one of the few hobbies where you can help people you’ve never met before and really have an impact on them, without spending any money. It’s nice to be noticed for doing something you enjoy.

Of course, there are several other reasons why blogging is a great hobby to pick up if you’re committed to running a blog. What are your favorite aspects of blogging? Is there one thing that you always share with others who are contemplating starting a blog? I’d love to hear some of your reasons why blogging really can be the best hobby.

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