EPN Love Challenge: Day Five

Day five is all about Valentine’s spirit! Show me the most Valentine-y picture or video you can show. Jay and I really don’t take that many pictures together. I always make him take some silly ones during visits, but we don’t do anything super romantic that warrants pictures. We like to spend the time we have together by actually enjoying the moments we have in-person. One of our most romantic pictures might be this one:


I know it doesn’t look like much and I don’t have the original photo anymore so it’s simply an uncropped screenshot, but it really is such a profound example of our relationship.

Jay and I love adventures and exploring. This picture was taken near the rocky point of a local beach, where we spent hours climbing and looking for crabs.

Jay and I don’t like the big fancy occasions as much as we like to sit and chill, as we did here. We wandered around the point and eventually sat to take in the full beauty of the view.

Jay and I love to laugh. This is one of both of our favorite pictures because I am fighting the urge to laugh in this picture. Jay has a great sense of humor and can sometimes be very corny. I think the latter was the case in this picture. Regardless, you can see me trying not to laugh but unable to suppress a smile.

It may not look like much, but a lot is to be seen from this picture. What picture of you two tells a lot more than meets the eye? Do you have a really romantic picture?


4 thoughts on “EPN Love Challenge: Day Five

  1. Ayo isn’t ever super excited about taking pictures. He has learned that it is better to not fight me on it though! lol
    I love pictures! It means a lot to me to be able to look back at specific memories through pictures.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!


    1. I made a scrapbook for Jay this year as his Valentine’s Day gift and I had so much fun looking at these snapshots of our memories. It’s important to have pictures and you should definitely convince Ayo they’re worth it πŸ™‚ Thank you, have a great weekend and holiday. ❀


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