Valentine’s Date

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I hope you had as great of a time as Jay and I did this year. We were impatient and actually opened our presents 5 days early, but we still had an amazing Skype date on the 14th. We planned to cook fancy meals together on Skype and then eat together. On top of that, we ended up watching two movies together! It was one of the best Valentine’s Day celebrations I’ve ever had even though we weren’t physically together.

We started the day separately but reconvened around my lunch time. Neither of us was that hungry yet so we opened our cards (that was the one thing we waited to open…everything else was opened early, oops!) and chatted a bit. Then we decided to watch a romantic comedy together. We settled on one starring Hugh Grant called About a Boy and prepped our ingredients while we watched.

Let the fun begin!


real cooks drink wine 🙂


Then came the good part…cooking dinner! I decided to make risotto for the first time ever and chose prosciutto and parmesan as my flavor. Jay made a combination of two of his favorite meals, chicken parmesan and pizza! I had such a wonderful time cooking with Jay, especially since he could guide me through the risotto-making process. Both meals turned out great and it was awesome to eat together. It’s been a long time since we coordinated a meal so it meant a lot just to share that moment.

Time to eat!

For dessert Jay bought a heart-shaped gevulde koeken, the cookie we made for Christmas time. I was a little bit jealous….but I had an awesome dessert as well! I used a heart cookie cutter to remodel my stroopwafel into a Valentine’s dessert. It made us both feel really connected to share something so simple as heart-shaped desserts.

The perfect ending to a wonderful day, complete with bacon card!


After the meal we still weren’t tired of each other yet so we decided to watch another movie. Love Actually, although it’s technically a Christmas movie, was the perfect way to end our Valentine’s date. It was honestly the best Valentine’s Day that I’ve celebrated, and far better from last year!

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day this year? Is there a Valentine’s tradition that you share together? Spread the love and share those happy moments in the comments. ❤

This post was inspired by the prompt: Celebrate

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