Christmas Recap (& Big News)


Remember how I was going on and on talking about how Jay was going to visit me for my birthday and Christmas? Well he did and it was awesome. I know this post is extremely delayed, but I wanted to make sure I could dedicate enough time to writing it because this was something that meant so much to me.

My friend and I went to the airport to pick up Jay just a couple nights before my birthday. It had only been a few months since I saw him, but this was an extra special visit.

Throughout the week I took lots of half days at work and for my birthday I took the whole day off. We traveled to NYC by train, something that we do for most of our trips. The first stop was Eataly, where I drank an espresso and we gawked at all the cheese and fresh pasta. From there we stopped at a Belgian Beer Cafe for lunch and then we wandered our way through the city, peering into the holiday window displays and visiting all of the well-known Christmas trees. It was one of those days you would likely see in a Christmas movie. That night we went to a local house party, which was a nice way to see a lot of people that Jay knew from high school. We drove back home just before midnight so I could blow out a candle on my NY cheesecake…yummm! It was such a great way to spend my birthday.

The next few days I spent working during the day and then we would visit with some local friends. We competed in bar trivia with a big group of people, played some board games with others, and ate food from our favorite local places.

gevulde koeken before going into the oven!

On Christmas Eve, Jay and I baked some Dutch almond cookies called gevulde koeken. We decided to be authentic and make the almond paste by hand, but my store didn’t have any blanched almonds so we had to do that ourselves. Have you ever blanched almonds? You probably shouldn’t. It’s a tedious task and by the end your fingertips are sore and you don’t want to finish baking. But alas, we persevered and continued with the cookie making process. Once we formed the cookies into their shapes they need two separate coats of egg wash, but ours only ended up with one. Jay forgot we still need it and washed the dishes…and I had no more eggs! Oh well, I still think they came out pretty delicious. πŸ™‚

Our Christmases are fairly casual these days since we are all grown up and moved away from the house. In the morning we make a nice breakfast and await everyone else’s arrival. Christmas morning this year was especially nice because we found out my brother and his wife are expecting twins! This is the kind of event that Jay usually misses and I am so grateful that he was there for the announcement. Long story short…I’m becoming an aunt!!! πŸ™‚

The rest of Jay’s visit was just as awesome as the first part. We made homemade pasta with the pasta machine I got for Christmas (YUM!) and took silly pictures with the selfie stick my mom gave me. Jay had to leave on New Year’s Eve, but other than that it was the perfect visit!


What did you all do for Christmas? I hope you had as much fun as I did. I know it feels like ages ago but what’s the point of having holiday memories if you don’t reflect on them or share them. I would love to hear your stories!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Recap (& Big News)

  1. You have no idea how relieved I felt about not being the only one who’s behind on telling writting about out adventures! It’s just that sometimes there is not time! I am so happy you had one amazing Christmas! I look forward to read more about you guys!

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