Based on a True Story

Sometimes I imagine my life as a movie, my relationship being the shining star. I can never choose which actress to play myself or who would play Jay (although I’m 99% sure he would choose Brad Pitt) but I have songs for the soundtrack overflowing my mind.

Opening Credits
The film begins in a grassy field atop a hill. The background is blurry, but you can see us strolling down a dirt path overlooking all of our university’s campus, with Snoop and Wiz playing softly in the background.

This is when we were just friends and I was really starting to discover myself. Jay was the first real friend I met at school and he was so much unlike any other person I’d met before. He was foreign, funny, and just a really nice guy. I’m so glad I met him at this stage of my life where we really were young, wild, and free.

Act I: Something More
As the movie progresses, so does our relationship. We move from friends to more than that and nobody expresses our feelings quite as good as J. Lo.

Act II: In Sync
Jay and I really found each other at a great time. We were both in relationships when we met, which made it easy to become friends. We weren’t worried about anything so we were able to really connect on the friendship level. Once our relationships both ended, we were already so close that it was easy to fall into a relationship together.

Act III: Trouble in Paradise
After two years together, Jay tells me he is moving to Australia. To say I’m upset is a gross understatement and doesn’t even begin to explain my feelings. There are so many things to consider, so much to think about…but we can’t give up on us. Jay is really sweet with everything and makes me feel a lot better about starting our LDR adventure.

Act IV: The Big Move
Then Jay leaves.

Act V: Running Through My Mind
I can’t stop thinking about him. Jay is alway on my mind. I spend half of my day spacing out thinking about him and the other half I just realize he’s on my mind. The chorus loops in my head as I try to do anything. I think about him while at work, at the gym, and in social settings. There’s no escape!

Act VI: What Now?
Occasionally the LDR starts geting to us and I need a little extra encouragement. It really brightens my mood thinking that even though we are living on different continents we are still so close.

Act VII: We Got This
After our rough patch Jay and I know we’re great together. We know it’s not ideal to be in a LDR, but we embrace the relationship despite that!

Closing Credits:
Our movie concludes with us falling asleep “together” and Toto singing in the background. The screen goes black and the music turns up. Africa is the perfect conclusion to our movie because it’s the

What songs would make the list in the movie about your life? Do you share some special songs that aren’t the typical “relationship” songs? I’m always looking for new music and I’m sure Jay would love to hear new songs as well!


This post was inspired by the prompt: Soundtrack 

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