5 Things to Embrace About Yourself


Whenever you’re in a relationship you are given the opportunity to learn a lot about another person, but you can learn a lot about yourself too. It can be difficult sometimes to accept yourself for who you really are, but my LDR has helped me accomplish that. Because of my relationship with Jay, I’ve discovered a lot about who I am as a person and I’ve learned to embrace these qualities. The added obstacle of distance really helped me pinpoint some of my better characteristics.

The first thing I noticed was my commitment to our relationship. When you’re in a LDR you have to be committed to your SO in order for it to be a successful relationship. I was really upset when I found out that Jay was moving away, but there was never even a hesitation in my mind that we should continue dating. Distance is not a good enough reason to end a relationship when you have such a strong connection to each other and dedication to the bond between you.

Another characteristic I discovered about myself thanks to my LDR is my strength. Anyone who enters an LDR and survives it for any period of time is a strong person. It can be a strain on your emotional wellbeing and even your physical health by changing your daily routine. There are times where I go to work tired because I woke up early for a Skype chat and other times where I’m missing Jay and can’t focus on anything at work. I’ve learned that my strength helps keep me going not only in my relationship, but with my job as well.

My individuality is something I’ve come to appreciate more since my LDR started because I now realize how few people experience a romantic relationship like this. A lot of people won’t even attempt to be in a LDR because it scares them away. I embrace my willingness to partake in the distance because I now realize how brave it seems to most people.

But not only am I one of the few that is willing to try a LDR, I also feel fairly confident and positive within it. I’m not constantly worried about time differences or trust issues because I rarely feel any doubt. One of the most detrimental things to a LDR is negativity towards the situation. You can’t let the stigma of long distance deter you from strengthening your connection and this is something I’ve become really good at since the start of my LDR.

My LDR has really opened my eyes to the positive qualities within myself. For a lot of people, including myself, it can be difficult to actually find things you like about yourself. My relationship as a whole has helped me see the best characteristics within myself and really taught me to embrace the person I am today.

What are your favorite qualities about yourself? I challenge you to look within yourself and find what makes you who you are. You’re awesome. Tell me why! 🙂



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