Three Reasons Your LDR is Worth It

LDRs are tough, there’s no doubt about it! But there are a few things that really make them an amazing experience. Not everyone is cut out for an LDR, but those of us who can handle one have a few added perks along with our relationship.

You have a new incentive to travel. I’ve always loved to travel, but haven’t really been able to explore as much of the world as I wanted. When Jay moved to Australia I couldn’t pass up the chance to visit him. Australia is one of those must-see places that I never really wanted to commit to because of the distance. I knew that since Jay was there it was the only time that I would really be able to justify it and I may not get another chance like this. As much as it sucked having a 14-16 hour time difference (depending on DST), it was a pretty awesome place to visit. Next month I’ll be visiting him in the Netherlands and taking a few small trips to other European countries while I’m there!


Rekindling your love for snail-mail. I’ve always thought getting cards and handwritten letters in the mail was awesome, but it’s such a rare correspondence these days. Being in a LDR, we try to send each other actual letters fairly often. It’s so exciting opening the mailbox and seeing that Dutch cow stamped on the envelope. Not to mention the care packages or gifts Jay sends via mail. I always have a great time preparing a box of small gifts and goodies to send to Jay and it’s even more fun finding a package on my front porch from him. I’m really grateful for my LDR because it means I’ll have something in the mailbox other than bills once in a while!


The way you feel when you finally see each other. It took us 6 months to see each other once Jay moved away. There were some really bad days with tears and anger, and some okay days of indifference and acceptance. By the time we finally had our first visit I was off-the-wall excited to see Jay again. I anxiously awaited his driver to bring him to  my apartment, pacing back and forth and contantly climbing on the futon to peer out at the street. As soon as I heard a car door I ran to the top of the stairs and peered down. Jay and I both looked at each other with this overwhelming feeling of disbelief and excitement. It was such an amazing feeling to wrap my arms around him again, but we were both in such bliss and shock that all we could do was stare at each other and say “Hi” over and over again. This is a feeling like none other I’ve experienced and it’s one of the most amazing rushes of emotion I’ve ever felt.


I don’t think a LDR is really all that bad. There are a lot of obstacles, but some really exciting postives aspects as well. I try to avoid the negativity and push away any doubts. We should all focus on the perks of LDRs!

What are some other perks of being in a LDR? Are there some aspects that you’ve learned to love? I love hearing people talk positively about long distance because it can be a truly rewarding experience. Don’t agree? Share your thoughts below!

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