How Your LDR May be Holding You Back


With distance comes great obstacles. I normally post about the positive aspects in a LDR, but it is also important to recognize that your LDR might actually be holding you back. Why the sudden shift for me? I think you should always evaluate both the postives and negatives of any situation or relationship. Once you decipher what the negative aspects are it is easier to overcome them. So how could your LDR be holding you back?



Time. There never seems to be enough of it. I’m often remembering allof the things I want to do only to realize I have no time to complete them. Being in a LDR is a time commitment. You need to be able to prioritize your day, but sometimes you might not have enough time to maintain your relationship and achieve your own personal goals.

The Verdict. Make sure you can pinpoint exactly what it is that you want to accomplish by making a list. Note all the personal obligations and desires as well as how often and when you’d like to talk to your SO. Once you know what you’re trying to fit into your schedule it will be easier to make a plan.


Self-Growth. While I think being in a LDR has been the best thing in order to discover myself, it can also be a hinderance to the process. For some people, staying in and Skyping their SO is much more important than going out with friends or doing something for themselves.

The Verdict. I like to think I balance these well, but there are definitely sometimes where I have the FOMO (fear of missing out). I’ve stayed home to talk to Jay multiple times and it makes me wonder…what am I missing out on? Am I living the life that want to live? I think the answer is yes, but for some people in a LDR they may not realize that they’re failing to live their own life. You should stop to reflect at the end of each week and make sure you’re on your desired path.


Mental Health. This is a really big issue all over the world that nobody seems to talk about. While LDRs do not in any way cause mental health issues, I think this type of relationship can take a toll on someone’s mind. LDRs are not easy to deal with and can cause a lot of emotional stress and conflicting thoughts.

The Verdict. Don’t let the doubts of your LDR impact your mental health. If you start to become overwhelmed with stress, talk about it with your SO. It’s important that you get your feelings and worries into the open before they start to damage your well-being. Find something that makes you happy to distract from the day-to-day struggles of your LDR and don’t try to hide your feelings.

On most days I consider myself extremely lucky to be in my current romantic relationship, but I do feel restricted sometimes. It’s important that you acknowledge the good and the bad aspects of any sort of situation or relationship. This way you can preemptively stop anything from getting in the way of your goals. Take a step back, evaluate, and take the necessary steps to ensure you are living the life you want to live.


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