Fly Away


We booked our Paris tickets!!! I am so excited for my upcoming visit to Jay. Maybe it’s because I’m working OT right now or because it’s been almost 3 months since we last saw each other, but I don’t care the reason. We just started planning the small side trips and a rough itinerary. I couldn’t be more excited to adventure with him!

So what are we going to do while I’m there?

Keukenhof. Perhaps one of the most famous things about the Netherlands is their tulips. Last time I visited the country I was too late for tulip season and I was pretty bummed about it. This year I should be there just in time! Keukenhof is the most well-known place for tulip viewing in the country. I’m really excited to wander through the park and take pictures of all the flowers with my new camera!


De Smickel. What’s that? Only the best place to feast on pannenkoeken! De Smickel is extremely popular and, from what I remember, in the middle of nowhere. It’s a real destination. Last time I visited we waited for upwards of an hour+ for a table, but it was worth the wait. You can get your Dutch pancake filled with a variety of different toppings (for lack of a better word) and you better come hungry because these are UGE!

Pannekoek met speck en kaas. – Pancake with bacon and cheese (I got this one last time).

Koningsdag. While this isn’t a place, it’s sure to be a great time. Jay and I will be celebrating King’s Day in the Netherlands. It’s a very large national-pride day with small markets, concerts, and the color orange everywhere! We haven’t decided whether to go to Amsterdam or Rotterdam, but I’m sure either would be a lot of fun. I also hear the Dutch are really good at fireworks so I can’t wait to see what they have in store for this celebration!


Paris: That’s right, we’re going to France! Since I’ve already seen several areas of the Netherlands I want to expand my geographical horizons. What better way to do that than traveling to other countries?

De Louvre. This kind of goes without saying because it’s the most famous museum in Paris…I’m not entirely sure what’s inside (besides a Greek statue because this was the answer to a bar trivia question last week) but I’m really excited to see it. I’m always intrigued by museums and this one should be awesome!

The Eiffel Tower. While we already decided not to go up into the tower, I’m perfectly fine with just seeing it in person! This is one of the most iconic European landmarks that I can think of and there’s always been such a sense of romance and strength that radiates from it. I’m sure by the end of our stay I’ll have 50 pictures of the tower itself. 🙂


Notre Dame Cathedral. Another reason I’m so fascinated by Europe is the vast styles of architecture. I’ve seen the Notre Dame in pictures, but I can hardly imagine what it would be like to experience it myself. It’s such a stunning building and I can’t wait to see the intricate details.

Arc de Triomphe. Ooooo, sounds fancy! This is something I always see photographs of, but I can never really get a good perspective. I think Jay and I could get some cool shots here and, like the Eiffel Tower, there will be many pictures taken. I also don’t really know much history behind it so I’m excited to learn!

Belgium. Say whaaaaaaaat? That’s right folks. A trip to Belgium is in order. I have countries to see and waffles to eat!

Is that all? Well those are the highlights that we have planned out already, but there will be much more adventure. We may stop over to Germany because why not?! Something I didn’t mention nearly enough in this post was all the foods. Jay and I are all about the foods. We will plan special trips just for eating purposes…I am sure of it!

Are you planning any trips soon? I’d love to hear about them! And if you have ever been to Paris, anywhere in the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany please share your favorite spots. Whether they’re touristy, something for the locals, or some place to eat I want to hear them all!

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2 thoughts on “Fly Away

    1. Thank you, Delia! We are both very excited for the upcoming trip. I am one of those people who likes to always have something to do on vacation…I want to see as much as possible on my adventures! We have a lot left to plan, but this is a good starting point.
      I hope that you can go somewhere soon! 🙂


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