We Are All People


There have been several bombings and other attacks within the past year (or more). Some of them are largely covered in the USA and others are rarely mentioned, which is truly astonishing. People here only really seem to focus on the places that they know…like Paris or Sydney. But there are so many other countries and cities being affected by terrorism that we either don’t care about or aren’t exposed to here in the USA. If we preach that we’re this big melting pot of cultures and we accept all people (I’m talking us as a whole, let’s not mention Trump) then why are we prioritizing certain attacks on our news channels?

It makes me wonder….are Americans really as inviting as I thought they were? Do they value the lives of Parisians more than people from Beruit? After all, 40 people were killed there the day before the “Paris Attacks.” News channels here play favoritism, for lack of a better word, towards stories. But I just don’t get it. What are some lives worth more than others when they’re all the lives of strangers?

And why must American news stations say whether some injuries or casualties were American. You see it all the time in headlines. It’s always something along the lines of: Bombing in such-and-such, 2 Americans among injured.

WHY DOES IT MATTER? WHY DOES IT MATTER THAT THEY ARE AMERICANS AND NOT ASIANS OR AFRICANS OR EUROPEANS? Unless there is something absolutely extraordinary about them or you are naming the nationality of every single victim I do not need to know this. We are all people. All of these victims of tragedies are people. It shouldn’t matter whether 2 were American and 17 were Italian and 12 were Canadian. It just matters that they are people.

This world is filled with hatred. It is filled with inequality and it always will be. But in times like these I really hope you stop to think about what is actually happening in the world. Try not to focus on the nationalities of victims or the location of these attacks, but rather that these are all people. Show compassion not for some, but for all.

Stay safe, stay strong, and stay happy.
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2 thoughts on “We Are All People

  1. Like you said, we’re not really exposed to all of the terrorism in America. I think that’s why they state that Americans were killed, it hits closer to home that way. It should be reported and we should care regardless, but not everyone does. Great post, the last paragraph is especially amazing.

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    1. I guess I do understand why they do it, but I’m tired of how stories are portrayed in the media here. I wish people would feel sadness and compassion for victims regardless of their nationality. But ultimately I just want people to genuinely care about each other. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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