Do long-distance relationships work?

LDRs are certainly not for everyone, but they can be a very rewarding experience. This is a really unique post telling all sides of a LDR. It’s expensive, it’s tough, but it can work.

A Millennial's Insights


Do they? Especially if there is no specific “end date” in sight, is it worth it? I have conflicting thoughts on this.

I know that once you find someone who is great, makes you happy, and just overall makes your life better you shouldn’t be so willing to let them go. How often are you going to find such an amazing person? What if I don’t find anyone just as amazing in my city, or even my state?! I think it’s hard to determine if they are worth the long-distance in the first place. Like do they have to be a certain level of amazing to be worth the hundreds or even thousands of miles of distance? You don’t want to pass up on a great opportunity. It’s too bad we can’t predict the future.

The cost! All those train, plane, and bus tickets definitely add up. It’s not like you can…

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