Thank you, LDRBN

Today I learned that LDRBN will be shutting down its site after just one year. Those of you who are close to me understand just how sad it is to lose this community. While I’m both shocked and upset that this is the end of LDRBN, I can’t help but reflect on all that this experience has given to me.


Support. I never knew just how many other LDR couples there are in the world. When I came to LDRBN I was welcomed by members from the Philippines, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and the USA (among several others). Each person was so friendly and willing to lend their support for the success of someone else’s LDR. I gained such a powerful support group that I could turn to with any doubts, questions, or experiences and expect almost-immediate answers, advice, and well-wishes.

Reassurance. Like any relationship, all LDRs go through some tough times. Whenever I had a slight issue (usually my own irrational fears getting in the way of my relationship) I could turn to LDRBN for reassurance. Members were so kind with their encouragement and advice to stay positive. Everyone in the community wants the same thing: a successful relationship with their SO and to ultimately close the distance keeping them apart from each other. Because of this, I always felt a sense of encouragement when talking to any of them. Even when I felt some doubts LDRBN helped me see that a LDR can be worth it.


Confidence. My blog began as a way for me to vent my feelings to nobody in particular. Since I knew nobody in a similar situation I didn’t really feel comfortable talking to anyone about my LDR. I never felt that proud of my writing or thought anyone would be interested in what I had to say…until I joined LDRBN. With every post I wrote came supportive comments from people around the world. I was blown away that I was even considered to be a member in LDRBN and seeing that people actually did enjoy my writing meant so much to me. I have a knew confidence in my writing ability, my blogging style, and the blog that I have developed in the past year.


Cultural Knowledge. LDRBN had over 100 members from all over the world. I’ve always been intrigued by other countries and cultures, but never had a good opportunity to learn about them. I’ve learned some awesome things from the members in LDRBN. I would have never learned about saudade, Asian superstitions, or different Christmas traditions. I’ve learned about all sorts of new foods and different habits of people of other cultures. The world is full of so many cultures and customs that I would love to learn about and being a part of LDRBN has given me a small taste of what the world has to offer.


Friendship. Above all else, LDRBN has given me some amazing friends. I never thought I could meet people through an online source that I’d actually want as friends. Everyone is so friendly, supportive, and unique. I love the mixture of personalities represented in LDRBN and the overwhelming passion for LDRs. The people I’ve met through this community are some of the most relatable people in my life.


When I was approached by a representative from LDR Magazine a year ago I didn’t have any expectations. I didn’t even know that blogging communities existed since the whole concept of blogging was relatively new to me. But even if I had known of them I could never have expected a place as wonderful as LDRBN.

Thank you to all the people at LDR Magazine for giving us the opportunity to meet and interact with such amazing people. Thank you to all the other members for being such genuine, wonderful friends and the best support group. You have become a part of my life and I’m not willing to let you guys go. I wish you all the best and hope that we can stay connected despite the closure of LDRBN. ❤

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13 thoughts on “Thank you, LDRBN

    1. As sad as it is, I’m so incredibly grateful for everything that LDRBN gave me. I am so thankful to have met you and the other LDR bloggers. We need to stay in touch 🙂


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